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I'm a 9 th semester student pursuing BBALLB (Hons) at REVA School of Legal Studies, Bangalore. Coming from a commerce background, it was difficult at the beginning, but gradually I was able to understand the workings and aspects of law. I have aggregate SGPA of 8.00 (1 to 9 Semester), and have done many certificate courses including contract drafting, PR & cyber forensics. Apart from academics, I have been core member of Legal Services in REVA University since my 1st year where I volunteered for free legal services in government schools and remote areas around Bangalore.

Talking about my school days, I was a student who would not attend class and rather go out on ground play and back various awards at state and national level, everybody including me thought that I would become a sports person. But I am in a process of becoming lawyer, I could not have my parents more happier with this.

During the same time, I was very week in studies and would fail some subjects often, but today I feel proud saying that I am considered as on of the toppers in my class Apart from sports, I was also interested in dance and music, even here I was that person who represented my school at state level.

It is not just theoretical knowledge that matters, hence I also participated in various moots at college level and gained practical knowledge by including myself to do a lot of Internships few Internship at law firms and Corporate firms as well Today if in were given a chance to go back and choose a carrier for myself, think I would have undoubtedly chosen Legal Studies, because studying law has made me realize what kind of Person I am and how I can sustain in the competitive world.

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