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Shobita is a driven student with a keen interest in writing legal content and a fascination for the corporate sector. She is presently enrolled in a 5-year law programme at Guru Nanak Dev University as a second-year student.

Her article has recently been published in a prestigious law journal and is related to non-disclosure agreements. The article focuses on the important clauses that are to be kept in mind while drafting NDAs and their importance in the course of business transactions.

Shobita's academic journey has been impressive so far. She has consistently been among the top-performing students in her class and has won several awards for her academic achievements. Her professors praise her for her analytical skills and her ability to grasp complex legal concepts quickly. She feels a sense of accomplishment every time she completes a challenging assignment.

She avidly read legal journals, followed corporate news, and engaged in discussions on legal matters with her peers and professors. Her passion for the corporate sector only grew stronger as she deepened her understanding of its intricacies through extensive research and analysis. She has attended various webinars like the Women Entrepreneur Bootcamp under the SHE Initiative, IPR Awareness, etc.

Apart from her academic pursuits, Shobita is also an active participant in extracurricular activities. She is a member of the college debate team. She also volunteers for various social causes and is a firm believer in using her legal education to make a positive impact on society.

She aspires to become a leading legal writer and make a meaningful contribution to the fields of law and business through her writing.

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Critical Analysis: Non-Disclosure Agreements


Business dealings usually involve sharing of information from one end to another. However, this sharing may cause harm to business entities if it is shared with competitors, so to avoid these t...

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Critical Analysis: Non-Disclosure Agreem...


Business dealings usually involve sharing of information from one end to another. However, this...

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