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A Crack Down On Crony Capitalism By Supreme Court

Lots of people are raising their fingers in response to the Supreme Court's decision to destroy the Twin Towers. Speculation exists as to whether the Twin Towers' destruction would improve the state and condition of the nation when it comes to the connection between crony capitalism and corruption. The destruction of the multi-story twin towers, an epitome of corruption, has also led some to ask whether corruption is on the decline in country? Is there going to be a loosening of the ties between capitalism and politics in the near future?

However, this assessment does not seem appropriate. This inquiry relates to one aspect of the demolition incident of Noida's 40-storied twin towers. Evaluation of this phenomenon might differ depending on how you look at it. The real question is what won't happen after the Twin Towers come down if we take a closer look at this incident? By taking this action, what will be changed? Politics, crony capitalism, and government are still closely linked, so it remains to be seen if this move weakens that link?

Let's look at the fundamentals of this phenomenon so that we can understand it better. On August 28, 2221, 40 multi-story buildings in Noida by the name of Twin Towers were demolished. When this incident occurred, it was covered by almost all news outlets. Before this incident, it had been widely reported that the builder had disregarded some regulations. But it wasn't entirely clear what kinds of laws were broken. What were the reasons the Honorable Supreme Court ruled that this multi-story building needed to be demolished?

Numerous thoughts ran through the minds of regular people as they watched the news channels show this multi-story building's demolition. A huge building fell like sand in just a few short seconds of video, which lasted between 10 and 12 seconds. Then, smoke clouds started to appear everywhere.

It was reported that the demolition had caused significant air pollution, the effects of which would last for months in the neighbourhood. Additionally, clearing up the debris spread out by this building's collapse will take about a month. So why did the Honourable Supreme Court decide to have this multi-storey building demolished despite all of these issues?

Still, our nation is home to a huge number of homeless people. Hadn't giving these homeless people houses been a better option than ordering their destruction? As a result of the size of the Twin Towers, numerous offices as well as new hospitals and schools could have been constructed. Lots of poor students and poor people could have benefited. Why did the Supreme Court decide to forgo all of the aforementioned options in favour of ordering the demolition of this structure?

After hearing the news in great detail, we learned that the area in which this multi-story building was constructed was actually a green belt area. The developers received approval for this project on the condition that nearby parks, schools, and playgrounds be constructed. However, the developers colluded with the administrative staff and built this multi-story structure in this greenbelt area. Without corruption and its connection to crony capitalism, the rules could not have been flouted on such a large scale. This structure served as a tangible illustration of the relationship between crony capitalism, politics, and administration.

After hearing the entire news report, we came to the conclusion that the Honorable Court's action was commendable. It was also clear why the Honorable Court ordered the demolition of this multi-story building despite having a number of other options. Even though there were other options, the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India chose to take such drastic action in order to serve as a warning to anyone who engages in corruption.

Builders will no longer be able to openly disregard the law. The corrupt will not have the raw courage to break the law. Those who dance to the orgy of crony capitalism's power will be forced to think twice before taking the law for granted. The fear in the minds of the corrupt will grow as a result of the court's strict action. Politics, administration, and crony capitalism's ongoing collusion will be diluted in some way. The common man's faith in the Indian judicial system will grow. Isn't this enough to justify the move?

Evil cannot be entirely eradicated in a single step. Even if millions of treatments were produced, the disease could not be eradicated from the planet. Corruption cannot be abolished fully. So long as evil remains in this universe, goodness must fight correspondingly. Disease will exist, as will medicine. The choice is yours. What do you prefer: bad or excellent; a problem or a solution; a cure for a disease? The question is not whether or not giving a patient medication will entirely cure them of their ailment. The fundamental question is whether or not that person will be cured or not.

If there is a disease, the war should be waged on a daily basis. If you are living, you must eat on a daily basis. After all, eating all of your meals in one day does not fill your stomach indefinitely. If crony capitalism and corruption are linked, an effort must be made to loosen the grip. With the demolition of this edifice, it is apparent that the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has sent a message that large-scale corruption cannot be accepted any longer.

The Supreme Court deserves praise for its judgment that has reduced this enduring structure of corruption to ashes. As a result of this action, corruption may not be completely eliminated from the country, but to some extent, the link between crony capitalism and corruption has been broken. The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India's decision to order the demolition of the Noida Twin Towers is justified by these facts.

Written By: Ajay Amitabh Suman, IPR Advocate, Hon'ble High Court of Delhi.
Email: [email protected], 9990389539

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