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Mob Lynching: Blemishing The Democracy

Lynching refers to the conscious killing of a person by government authorities or individuals without any legal sanction. The word “lynch” is most likely to have originated during the American Revolution. It comes from the phrase lynch law- a term used for punishment without trial. 
 In India, there have been several cases of mob lynching, one of  the most famous being the Dadri mob lynching case in 2015 in which a mob of villagers attacked the home of 52 year old Muslim man named Mohammed Akhlaq and killed him on the suspicion of slaughtering a cow for consumption.  Incidents of mob lynching have been  reported  significantly and on an alarming rate  since    then. 
 Most cases of mob lynching across the country took place after the Bharatiya Janta Party came into power in 2014.
 The highest percentage of victims belongs to the Muslim community- being attacked by extremist Hindu groups in matters of cow slaughter.  Opposition parties have raised questions against the Modi government and it’s inefficiency to stop the growing problem of lynching  in the country. However, Modi has always condemned such criminal acts and advocated peace and unity among communities. But, that is not enough. 
 Presently there is no codified law against lynching in India, neither is there any specific punishment for the offenders other than the punishments prescribed in different sections of the Indian Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure.  The Supreme Court has stated that certain preventive, remedial and punitive measures will be issued to ensure safety of those who feel in danger and punish those who are part of any such hate crime.  
 India has always been known for its unity in all the diversity it offers. But that diversity is being threatened now by such hate crimes done by extremist groups in the name of religion and community. The government must take effective and serious steps toward stopping crimes like mob lynching, and the citizens must be more responsible and tolerant.

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