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Sexual Assault And Violence Faced By Men

What is sexual assault/abuse?

Sexual assault or abuse occurs when a person, whether a girl, a boy, a woman, or a man, is forced, pressured, or misled into performing sexual acts that they do not want to do. It basically encompasses a wide variety of unwanted sexual conduct that might occur with strangers or known people. It is important for people to understand that it is never the survivors' responsibility. Everyone should understand that forcing someone to do anything is unethical, and everyone should speak out against it.

What are the myths surrounding this?

Men and women are thought to have various physiological differences, and men in our society are thought to be superior in this regard. People should be aware that sexual assault can occur in either a man or a woman, and the perpetrator can be of any gender or sexual orientation. Because April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, offenders, particularly adults who sexually abuse boys, may utilise physiological responses to maintain anonymity by saying things like "You know you loved it." It's also important to remember that having an erection doesn't imply you're inviting unwanted sexual behaviour, and ejaculation doesn't mean you're okay with assaulting someone.

What is the common reaction?

A male is trained not to cry from the beginning of his existence since he is supposed to be a strong individual. However, the question of why this is so arises. If they aren't human, why are they supposed to constantly be the strong one, regardless of the situation? If they weep or become vulnerable over something, they are told, "Why are you sobbing, men don't cry, we boys are strong," or "Are you a girl, why are you crying, girls cry, we boys are tough."

When they are assaulted or sexually abused, these things make them weaker. They begin to feel ashamed and begin to doubt their manhood. They don't share even if they want to because they are afraid that if they come up and share things, they will be mocked or judged. If they go to their parents, they will not believe them because of the idea that men are powerful and do not require protection, while girls are weak and susceptible.

It's probably time for us to realise that even guys in our culture should have the freedom to express themselves. Men's sexual assault is a well-known but poorly understood problem. While our society is well aware of female victims, male victims of sexual assault are frequently forgotten or neglected due to shame and stigma. It may come as a surprise to learn that one in every six males is sexually molested before reaching the age of eighteen.

How Do Men React When They Are Put Into This Situation?

Men who have been sexually abused or assaulted may exhibit a wide range of psychological symptoms that can be diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Males who go through such awful things, for example, have buckets of boiling rage. This is something that they never lose, but it comes out especially when they feel threatened or betrayed.

They begin to doubt themselves and their masculinity. They lose faith in others and begin acting strangely, with some resorting to drugs and alcohol. They try to cut themselves off from all of their relationships; they also treat their parents badly and begin to despise them because they begin to believe that no one cares about them or understands them. They want to communicate yet are unable to do so.

It's at this point that they want someone to take their hand and say, "It's okay, whatever happens, I'll be there for you." They form this relationship when they are attracted to the other gender and share everything, but when they experience heartbreak or are rejected, they feel destroyed and have suicide thoughts.

Male victims and female abusers are rarely recognised in sexual harassment laws. Men, who are expected to take things in stride, rarely come forward to report being harassed. Men are increasingly being sexually harassed, ranging from being the victim of sexually suggestive comments to being stalked. However, because Indian men are supposed to be'mards, they are expected to accept everything in good humour and not feel uncomfortable or complain.

There are numerous sections that address harassment of women, rape of women, modesty, and sanctions for all of these things, but what about the males in our society when we shout for their rights and demand that these laws be made gender-neutral? People in our country frequently discuss women's safety and protection, but they should be aware that safety is required for everyone, not just women.

Parents should also teach their sons about good and bad touch, as both girls and boys need to know what is appropriate and how to protect themselves. The Indian Penal Code (IPC) has sections 354, 509, and 376 that deal with sexual assault, eve-teasing, and rape, but they are all for women.

While this is a good thing in and of itself, it is unfortunate that the sole section of the IPC that deals with sexual assault on a man is 377, the notorious clause that makes sodomy a crime and is frequently misused to reinforce misogyny and alienate the LGBT community. It also doesn't distinguish between consenting and non-consenting sexual actions between two adult males.

Is this how we envision our children and grandchildren growing up?

We need gender-neutral rules in our culture because we live in a country where people yell for equality but don't actually practise it. As a result, it's past time to act in such a way that we may all claim to be equal. Men should be understood and given equal rights as women, as well as gender-neutral regulations to enable them to protect their rights and interests. This is how we will develop and how we will provide a brighter future for future generations to live in.

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