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Chinese Model Of Socialism Of Governance

Chinese Model Of Socialism Of Governance

  • Chinese model of socialism and state government recently become very controversial because of the fact that the Chinese government has been accused on two grounds - Crushing the rights of religious minorities, including Uyghur Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists, Ethnic Christians, Sexual minorities, and the internal freedom of residential of Hongkong.
  • Following a very aggressive foreign policy of checkbook diplomacy, Neo imperialism, and violating of territorial sovereignty and integrity of many countries in east and southwest Asia. The neo-Chinese concept of- As of now is controlled by the ideology of current Chinese president XI JINPING who wants the development of greater China and rise of Chinese socialist dragons.

Rise Of Chinese Socialism And Communication

  1. Chinese model of communication developed in 1950 when the communist party of China came to power after a bitter struggle with pro-democracy forces.
  2. The leader of the communist party of China was MAO ZEDONG, while the leader of pro-democracy forces was Chaing Kai Shek.
  3. Pro-democracy forces were defeated and fled away to Taiwan.
  4. From 1950 to 1976 Mao Zidong was the chief of the communist party of China. And he implemented a policy of support towards the communist model of governance and very close interaction with the outside world.
  5. It was because of this policy that China was not recognized by the UN, till 1971, and Chinese leadership did not encourage much interaction with the outside world.
  6. The Leadership in China was vested with the communist party of China, but all the important decisions were taken by the Mau Zidong.
  7. Until 1976, there was no private entrepreneurship in China and Mao Zidong had come up with his own brand or ideology known as red book ideology, which was supposed to be followed by every Chinese.

Great Leap Forward From 1982 To The Present

  1. In 19882 the Chinese government decided to open up its economy, promote exports, and aggressively pursued a strong foreign policy
  2. The Chinese establishment started promoting the mass export of goods at competitive prices.
  3. The Chinese govt started promoting the opening of the embassy of conciliates in different parts of the world, pursuing checkbook diplomacy, and trying to aggressively promote the Chinese brand of communism throughout the world.
  4. During this time the Chinese govt has always maintained south China in its property. Taiwan and Hongkong are integral parts of China.
  5. The Chinese communist party has allowed for Chinees to do outside business, but with strict terms and conditions.

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