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Development Of Law And Justice World War I - League Of Nations

Development Of Law And Justice World War I

  • During the 1st World War, Britain and its Allies defeated Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey.
  • The 1st World War went on from 1914-to 1918.
  • The 1st WW ended with the controversial Treaty of Versailles.
  • With regards to International Law and Justice, the Treaty of Versailles has been criticized by a lot of countries.
  • The main criticism arose from the fact that Germany and its allies had to pay huge compensation and reparations to Victoria's Allied powers during the 1st WW.
  • Germany had to reduce its armed forces and cut down its budget on defense.
  • Further, Germany also had to surrender its coal-producing areas to France.
  • It was because of these reasons that a lot of German experts and jurists have heavily criticized the Treaty of Versailles
  • In the Treaty of Versailles, it was decided that an International Organisation will be formed to maintain International Peace and Security.
  • On the recommendations of the then US president Woodrow Wilson, an International Organisation called the League of Nations was formed in order to maintain International Peace and security.

League Of Nations

  • The League of Nations was formed at the end of the 1st WW in order to maintain international peace and security.
  • It was formed on 10th January 1920, and its headquarters were in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Even though Woodrow Wilson propagated the idea of the League of Nations yet the USA never joined the League of Nations.
  • The League of Nations also had a Legal organ called the PCIJ (Permanent Court of International Justice) to peacefully adjudicate Legal disputes between countries
  • The member countries of the League of Nations were governed under a statute called the covenant of the League of Nations.
  • However, the League of Nations was handicapped because it did not have its army, nor could it punish member states for breaking the provisions of the League of Nations.
  • By the 1930s, the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany and Benito Mussolini in Italy led to an ever-increasing war between Germany and Italy.
  • Along with Germany and Italy, Japan also started acquiring colonies in Asia.
  • The League of Nations completely failed against these countries.
  • By 1937, Germany, Italy, and Japan came together and formed the Axis Powers.
  • By 1939, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland, and WWII started.
  • By this time, the League of Nations was effectively dead.

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