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The Case Of Adolf Eichmann

The Case Of Adolf Eichmann

Facts of the Case:
  • During WWII, millions of Jews had been massacred and killed by the German Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler.
  • Most of these Jews were killed in specific camps known as the concentration camps were in the following places: Buchenwald, Dachau, and Auschwitz.
  • During the closing days of WWII, many top Nazi generals fled away to Brazil and Argentina because Hitler´┐Żs defeat was inevitable.
  • One such general was Nazi war officer Adolf Eichmann. He initially fled away to Austria and then to Argentina.
  • However, the new country of Israel decided to pursue, arrest or even eliminate all such officers.
  • The Israeli Secret Service, Mossad, found out that Eichmann was hiding in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a false passport and identity document.
  • Soon after Argentina was celebrating its 150th year of independence, the Argentinian government also invited the Israeli delegation to take part in the celebrations.
  • However, the Israeli delegation consisted of only Mossad agents, who wanted to kidnap Adolf Eichmann and fly him out of Argentina at any cost.
  • The Israeli Secret Service, carrying out a cover operation, forcefully kidnapped Adolf Eichmann and flew him out of Argentina to stand trial in Israel.
  • The Argentinian government officially opposed the Israeli government and demanded an official apology.

However, the Israeli government officially stated that they might be legally in the wrong but were morally correct. And if required in the age of globalization, would undertake any such action in any part of the world to protect the so-called safety, security, and emotional well-being of the Jews and the Israelis.

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