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The Concept Of Juche Or Kimilsungulism

The Concept Of Juche Or Kimilsungulism

  • In the 21st century, one legal system which has very strongly come into prominence is the concept of Juche or Kimilsungulism.
  • This system of ideology & political governance is uniquely found in the country of North Korea and has been in existence since 1953.
  • Many international law experts are of the view that Juche is a mix of complete isolationism and Marxism.

Introduction to Juche

  • The concept of Juche is revered as not only a political ideology but is considered as a religion in North Korea
  • The concept of Juche is based on the fact that people must strictly adhere to the ideas & the political ideology pre-dominantly laid down by Kim's family.
  • This concept dissuades & discourages people to worship any individual religion and considers Juche as a state-sponsored religion.
  • In fact, North Korea is the only country in the world, which has a state-sponsored religion and where citizens are not allowed to worship any other God or religion or belief or ideology.

Political Ideologies of Juche

  • The concept of Juche believes in the concept of extreme cult worship and in the concept that any individual must have extreme loyalty towards the state
  • The Kim family has propagated many of these ideas which are available in the form of literature or books.
  • Every North Korean individual is supposed to be completely devoted to the cause of the state and must not question any decision made by Kim's family.
  • The concept of freedom of speech and expression is, therefore, virtually non-existent and illegal in North Korea.
  • Under Juche, any form of defiance or disagreement with Kim's family or their ideologies or ideas is punishable by death
  • Further, the Juche ideology clearly lays down the absence of any private sector, private entrepreneurship, or so-called foreign interference in North Korea.
  • The concept of Juche believes in the concept of self-reliance and the North Korean government produces everything, which is overseen by the state.
  • The Juche ideology also believes that the country of North Korea is the most perfect country in the world and all the other countries are jealous of North Korea.
  • Unfortunately, this propaganda has been taught and embedded in the minds of every North Korean since 1953.
  • In order to discourage any outside news from coming in, the possession of western smartphones, or internet, or any foreign newspaper is illegal in North Korea.
  • According to the UN, North Korea has the most strict internet laws, and only 1% of the North Korean population, mostly elite, ministers, senior bureaucrats, and armed officers, have access to the internet.
  • In North Korea, therefore the possession of any foreign newspaper or data or internet information is illegal and is punishable by death.

The North Korean Constitution

  • The North Korean constitution is a highly polarized constitution and gives effect & benefits to a certain group of people.
  • The North Korean constitution also spells out the fact that its constitution believes in the concept of absolute socialism and complete loyalty to Kim's family.
  • The constitution also makes it punishable to death to show any disrespect to Kim's family neither indoor nor outdoor.
  • The North Korean constitution also forbids any form of display of American products or so-called imperialism.
  • The North Korean constitution does speak about fundamental rights but speaks about a host of fundamental duties which the citizens have to obey and perform at any cost.
  • North Korean laws also make it illegal for anyone to own a TV or a laptop, without the permission of the North Korean government.
  • Under the concept of Juche and the North Korean constitution, every citizen has to work for 6 days a week in their offices and every Sunday is devoted for citizens to work in the collective farms run by the North Korean government.

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