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Marijuana legalization = control and regulation

Why should we legalize marijuana in India

There�s always been concern over legalization of marijuana. We live in a world where we have immense users of weed, and most of them consume this drug illegally. The drug Marijuana is associated with a lot of taboos in India. Indians describe this drug as a nightmare. But on the other hand cannabis which is made up of more than 120 components has different advantages and benefits. This drug is a boon to medical Industry as it helps with many health problems people are dealing with, but like any other drug it has its flaws too.

India, considers consumption of weed in any form as illegal. The country should absorb the usefulness of this drug. Cannabis is basically made of two important compounds THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBC (cannabidiol) which is flooded with medicinal benefits and also helps us physically, spiritually and mentally. Our country should realize that alcohol and tobacco is catastrophe when compared to cannabis.

Weed, Pot and Marijuana are some of the names people are friendly with, talking about people especially minors and freshmen.

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing and it�s been legalized in so many countries outside. Why is it important for our country to think about legalization? Cannabis can be a solution for majority of our problems. Firstly, the medical Industry, cannabis is absolutely good to treat amnesia, glaucoma, alleviating anxiety, helps with the effects of hepatitis and PTSD, helps in treating cancer, AIDS, importantly helps in treating alcoholism and relieve pain. The researchers are still finding the exotic benefits of this plant.

Secondly, the economic growth of our country. Our country is blessed with the best weather for the growth of weed. Our country has the scope to enter the competitive world of the legal marijuana market globally. With the best adapting climate and good policy decisions it will definitely lead to economic growth. Other advantages are, reducing the unemployment rates, increased revenue, medicinal advancement, decreased crime rates and banning illegal trade.

Legalization of weed is a boon for employment sector, setting up marijuana nurseries and dispensaries and other local trade will give thousands of job opportunities. Processing, selling and exporting involves a lot of hands and government can decide on tax rates, limitations associated with marijuana like which part to sell and not, the policy makers can decide on how to turn weed a welfare.

The increased revenue we get from the import export trade can be used in implementing educational polices for the illiterate, for rehabilitation centers, for poverty funds, health authority, schools and for the development of our country. Legalization also helps in the weed startups and pharmaceuticals to risen up which might help in big investors to step in and also helps country to engage in global weed market. On further research we could come up with other products out of weed, which is helpful.

Thirdly, we should emphasize on the crime rates and illegal trade. Legalizing marijuana can reduce associated crime rates. Even though weed is illegal, a lot of people use it for recreational purposes and proponents of legalizing marijuana state that this can reduce violence and crime rates. In India we can see a lot of crimes related to production, distribution and business of marijuana.

The Washington state which legalized marijuana in 2013, the number of low level court filings for marijuana fell by 98% between 2012 and 2013. Similar decline in charges and convictions were seen in jurisdictions that subsequently legalized cannabis including Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C. It doesn�t prove that legalization can completely eradicate crime but still a drastic reduction can be accomplished.

Black market plays an influential factor in increasing crimes, as they sell weed for higher prices among minors and this sometimes results in accidents causing threat to young lives. Mafias also play a pivotal role, the black market tends to attract minors because weed is scarcely available and people are ready to do anything to obtain it, money laundering is also promoted through illegal weed trade. Legalization will make weed available for people and the malpractice and fraud will be reduced.

Fourthly, the effect on using other drugs mainly alcohol, opioids and tobacco. Studies prove that majority of the people are addicts to alcohol and cigarettes. Also usage of other drugs like opioids, LSD, is also not less. Most of the drug acquired is consumed and cause serious side effects to the body, some of the drugs have death cause symptoms which people never bother to realize. This leads our country to a lot of other repercussions.

Alcohol and cigarettes are considered as a basic need for the majority, even though people know the side effects, most of them tend to avoid the instructions. Introducing marijuana can slightly reduce the alcoholics, smokers and other drug users.

The next factor that should be discussed is the taboo associated with marijuana in our society. People just assume that this drug could kill people when they are actually not realizing the factors to treat marijuana like gold. The myth around weed began from the period of British Colonization when they completely banned India from using it for any purposes. But many of the states in Europe has already legalized weed irrespective of the false claims and taboo that exists. Marijuana is a drug with disadvantages too but without any argument we can profess that advantages is outweighed. People should acknowledge and accept the drug wisely:
  1. Medical benefits of marijuana

    Most people don�t consider these benefits or are unaware about these benefits due to lack of education. So let�s look into some medical benefits.
    1. Slows cancer
      Researchers in California reported that marijuana may prevent cancer from spreading in the body. Experiments were run on breast cancer cells in a lab. The outcome was positive, in that the cells decreased expression, which became less aggressive spreaders. It can also slow tumor growth in brain and breast.
    2. Prevention of Alzheimer
      THC, is one of the main ingredient in marijuana and it slows the progression. It blocks the enzyme in the brain which kills brain cells, that causes Alzheimer�s.
    3. Improves lung health
      Marijuana may improve lung capacity, in some people who want to reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco.
    4. Chemo support
      People who have cancer experience a lot of discomfort like severe pain, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Marijuana can help reduce these side effects.
    5. PTSD and anxiety
      People who use marijuana may experience less severe symptoms of fear who have existing PTSD. Marijuana can improve mood and can lower anxiety.'
    6. Brain support
      Marijuana can help heal the brain after a traumatic. It can lessen the bruise which helps in healing of the brain.
  2. Comparison of marijuana with alcohol

    1. A person who consumes marijuana is less likely to cause violence or any damage when compared to a person who consumes.
    2. Alcohol consumers have extreme loss of inhibition when compared to marijuana users.
    3. Consuming alcohol can lead to longer period of depression.
    4. Marijuana has many unproven claims to cause cancer whereas alcohol causes various types of cancer � kidney, mouth, stomach and is proven
    5. Marijuana enhances senses while alcohol can make one numb.
    6. Medical marijuana laws

The laws of medical marijuana vary from state to state. The federal Supreme Court, has stated that it is illegal to sell, possess or use marijuana, even for medical use (2005 case of Gonzales v. Raich).

Many states have legalized marijuana, thereby removing the criminal penalties. The first state to legalize marijuana was California in 1996 when it passed Proposition 215, also called the Compassionate Use Act. The law allows the possession and cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes upon a doctor's recommendation.

Medical Marijuana Penalties

Penalties can vary from person to person according to the offence that has been committed. It can be a fine or imprisonment.
In states which have decriminalized medical marijuana, penalties in the form of prison or fines may still apply but offenses are often treated as minor civil infractions.

For example, punishable circumstances may include:

  • Possession over a certain amount (in grams);
  • Selling of drugs to a minor.
  • Cultivation of drug in a land without the permission.
  • Possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

Medical Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana has been used from 1996. There has been restriction as to how much ounces can be produced and owned. A few states, including Connecticut and Massachusetts, have a 30-day or 60-day supply limit, which can vary by patient. Washington legalized marijuana for medical purposes in 1998, before legalizing recreational marijuana.

The statute clearly spells out the compassionate intent behind medical marijuana legalization and states the limited medical purpose of the law:
Any person who uses marijuana for medical benefits or because of professional instruction given by the doctor, shall not be arrested, prosecuted, or subject to other criminal sanctions.
There are laws when it comes to cultivation of this plant. This is important because if it was illegal to grow them then the people who need it to cure diseases would have had a difficult time. (4)

The measures that we could adopt while legalizing marijuana

  • Policy makers can raise suggestions on how weed plantations by farmers, nurseries, pharmacies should be managed, the priority should be rural development and urban infrastructural development.
  • An age limit guidelines is essential, as in prohibit the minors and illiterate people from using cannabis.
  • Awareness classes on dosage, application, pros and cons of the drug should be taught in schools and all the government affiliated institutions which will prevent inappropriate usage.
  • The efficiency and safety of the drug should be clinically proven before selling it out in any outlets, consumer protection is mandatory.
  • Unauthorized export and import should not be encouraged and stringent action must be taken if violated.
  • The violence, disorganization and crimes associated with weed should be taken by the hands of law.
  • Advertising and Public consumption should be stringently monitored.
  • Adopting good policies practiced in countries can also provide the surety of safety, Colorado, Portugal, Canada all show good examples.
  • Unbiased laws should be promoted so that no corruption and harm to the country.
  • Tax rates should be regulated. Banning Marijuana does no good to the country and economy, nevertheless focusing on measures legalizing and regulating should conveniently strategized for the better growth of country.

Marijuana Decriminalization

Decriminalization of marijuana means if a person is found using marijuana in small amounts he/she will not be prosecuted for it. That individual will not receive a criminal order. In many states like Alaska, California, New York, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, and much of the Northeast possession of small amounts of marijuana is treated like an n states that has decriminalized marijuana.

What happens when the law clash

When federal and state law clashes federal laws are taken into consideration. Federal law doesn�t permit marijuana sale and usage because it is illegal under the Controlled Substance Act. These laws clash in states where marijuana has been legalized for recreational purposes.

If Colorado and Washington manage to keep their marijuana retail businesses completely in-state, it may be legal. That means marijuana must be grown, sold, used, and taxed all within the state without using any federal land or means of commerce. This prevents the retail marijuana businesses, marijuana businesses from deducting business expenses. This also prevents the farmers from using water from federally managed resources. (4)

We would like to conclude by telling, marijuana is a very useful drug and should be legalized. Marijuana should no longer be grouped with cocaine and heroin, but with other recreational drugs such as caffeine and tobacco. The legalization of marijuana will create new job opportunities and will give a huge boost to our economy.

It can be used for various medical purposes. People are battling with illnesses and disorders that can potentially lead to death. Everyone must be educated about the benefits and if a lawyer or a group of people speak, for legalizing marijuana the taboo �junky� must not be given.


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