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Covid-19 In Refugee Camps - A Problem Untackled

Around this point the world is facing the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of all time, COVID 19 pandemic has shaken the walls of every health agency in the world. All countries try to approach the crisis by all means, and yet somehow policymakers have overlooked about the millions of people in migrant camps, and at this point, the world population has about 26 million immigrants, almost half of whom are under 18 years.

While nations go into complete lockdown and social removing is essentially affecting the lives of individuals on the planet, to keep up social separation or go into complete lockdown in strife zones is a major challenge as camps are exceptionally congested and vigorously pressed. Evacuee camps in Syria, Greece, and Bangladesh and over the world, face increased COVID-19 hazard because of all the more thickly pressed offices, lacking clinical administrations, helpless disinfection conditions, and, most fundamentally, government aloofness and numbness towards these individuals.

Reasons Why Covid 19 Has More Danger Of Spreading In Refugee Camps

  1. Congested and Packed Spaces

    Most of the individuals living in displaced person camps live in profoundly stuffed and restricted spaces. Bangladesh right now houses about 1 million Rohingya displaced people, this is the world's biggest and most thickly populated (120,000 individuals for each square miles) exile camp and almost 65% of these evacuees live in 34 camps spread across 5 square miles. Such day to day environments makes social removing all the harder and individuals become warier of the infection.

    Even though nations go into full lockdown and social separation largely affects individuals' lives far and wide, protecting social separation or going into complete lockdown in combat areas is a significant challenge as camps are exceptionally congested and vigorously pressed. Lobbyists and help laborers have over and again cautioned of the awful cost it could take on the world's biggest evacuee camp, as diseases there, keep on spreading.
  2. Lack of Sanitization in Camps- sufficient and legitimate sterilization is required for living solid and to prevent diseases and pestilences yet disinfection is a significant issue in outcast camps as individuals have restricted assets, for example, inappropriate waste administration frameworks, deficiency or no water flexibly. The UNHCR gauges that the greater part of the exile camps on the planet can't give the suggested day by day water least of 20 liters of water for each individual every day. So, lack of appropriate sterilization in camps can prompt a quicker spread of the infection.
  3. Lack of Knowledge In Regards To Infection and Symptoms

    Most people living in these conflict camps are either exceptionally less taught or ignorant. According to studies more than 40% of Syrian refugees are children aged less than 12 years and these children have never been to school or have very little education. Refugees live in isolated spaces where there are very fewer modes of getting information about the pandemic its implications and how to prevent it and sometimes the information they receive is mutilated.

  4. Poor Medical health care services:

    Refugee populations tend to have poorer health indicators than the communities from which they came. According to the Journal of Annual Review of Public Health Refugees usually have the highest risk of mortality immediately after reaching their country of asylum, as they frequently arrive in poor health and are completely dependent on foreign aid. Poor medical facilities and badly organized medical infrastructure in refugee camps can lead to a high mortality rate and also limited access to testing can also lead to a faster spread of the virus.

  5. Fear and Stigma:

    A dread that more COVID cases will develop quickly in exile camps will prompt individuals working close by close their businesses and even outcasts of losing their positions or even compelled to oust or return to their nations.

Many countries like Italy have closed their ports because of public safety concerns during the pandemic meanwhile Malaysia refused entry of Rohingya refugees coming on a boat which lead to the death of 30-35 people. Canada who has opened its border for refugees many times also refused entry of refugees on similar grounds as of Italy.

Similarly, in Bangladesh, new Rohingya refugees coming from sea roots have been directly quarantined on an island in the Bay of Bengal without any access to basic facilities or proper medical check-ups. Some small countries with small or poor health care infrastructure are unable to give proper care to its citizens so it�s unlikely that they can provide for medical services in conflict camps.

In India, government help was given to works however Rohingya displaced people were not given any assistance as they are considered as illicit foreigners. Numerous nations like Kenya has forced total lockdown in exiles camps to control the spread yet the lockdown has placed a great deal of antagonistic impact on individuals in these camps as help laborers, NGOs, associations working for outcasts are likewise not permitted to enter the camps and individuals are confronting part of difficulties.

While most nations been shut, voyaging limitations being set, strengthened outskirt observation, migration limits set, and so forth. COVID 19 emergency could grow into an infringement of human rights influencing the underestimated portion of individuals in the public eye.

United Nation Operating For Asylum Seekers

United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) As well as several other international organizations working on migration and refugee rights, the process of resettlement of refugees indefinitely has been halted as a preventive measure to avoid the pace affecting the lives of more than 70 million displaced persons. This temporary ban may lead to cases of indefinite detention of asylum seekers to their country of origin which may present a possible risk of persecution in their native country.

But besides that, UNHRC is still working for refugees it collaborating with NGOs, community workers and various governments to come forward and help people in conflict zones. Social workers are distributing hygiene kits soaps bars and are spreading awareness about the virus in the camp.

As we are now aware that this pandemic will have a larger impact on the migrant camps, which would, in turn, entail increased medicine and medical services which might not be feasible for certain countries, so it is prudent to address the situation immediately. Authorities need to step up and prepare accordingly for the worst. Radical measures need to be introduced early so that these communities can be shielded because of the situation in these countries escalates it can transform into the world's greatest human rights issue.

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