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COVID-19 and Mental Problems

Envisage you went to a party, enjoyed a lot, came back home and after 2 � 3 days, developed fever symptoms, someone called the doctor, immediately an ambulance came, picked you up, threw you in an isolation ward and treated you as an untouchable. After, Some days doctor communicated you that your doom is near.

Doesn't it seem like a horrible nightmare, but, indeed, news channels scream of such news because certainly the world has developed pandemic- COVID -19, which has drastically affected our physical health, mental health plus the intellectual level.

Let's take a detailed account on it. We all are aware that COVID-19 is incurable swayed more than two lakh Indian masses and approx. 227K in the world and Unfortunates were compelled to attain the demise. Consequently, mentally, your ferocious mind cautions about your health plus of your relatives and beloveds. Further, we are grabbed by sleeping disorder. Worsening of chronic health has turned so stressful that we all are confronted relapsed rate of pre-existing mental problems, stigma exists, less social experiences, behavioural changes, personal adjustment problems, poor tolerance, poor cerebral equilibrium, inhibitions, taboos and myths, self efficiency reduction has certainly crushed our mind.

Drives of our brain displays interpersonal tensions, frustrations, personality disturbance in form of pathology. Hustle bustle, chaotic mind has become a new fashion that eats our mental health every second which actually has turned us so drowsy that all we keep doing is dozing off at home. Both the inactivity and continuous activity have made us miserable and bored.

For instance, Kerala has been a proof where the populace is contacting counselors at large number regarding mental problem issues.
Business / Income loss, contingency in the conduct of examination has made the students so tensed, confused, unrewarding, tormenting, depressing and ruined the smoothness of their mind.
Moving to the isolation wards, Patients attain less emotional support and more control.

Thus, they lose their confidence and their hold on life. They scream for their celebration. Doctor possesses the feeling of futility. Inadequate PPE's and mandatory duty intrigues to dominate fear over courage feeling. In whole, Thanatos (destructive instinct) has caged us from all the sides.

Still, there are remedial measures to obviate such stressful conditions. The very first is to talk to your relatives disconnected for a long time. Embrace your creativity and realize your potential. Consume green leafy vegetables. Ensure your physical fitness.

Get engaged in interesting and productive activities. It's a high time we all are missing our schools and colleges, so talk and share feeds with friends, take plenty of sleep. Another method to unwind the time - Listen peaceful songs, help your mothers in framing domestic task, read holy books like The Bhagwat Geeta and The Quran to imbibe positive vibes and to know about your religion. In absence of it, go through the novels, literature, stories and e-contents. Disconnect from fake news, excessive information of vain. Feel the compassion and love under shade of nature ; energize yourself with the aesthetic beauty of nature that's what you all can do being at home during lockdown.
Stay persistent with a thought ��Stay home , Stay Safe and especially stay mentally Safe

To conclude , I would like to quote: �Chapter 2 verse 66�of�The Bhagwat Geeta�that purely highlights the importance of peace of mind and mental health:

Naasti buddhiryuktasya Na chaayuktasya bhaavana |
Na chaabhaavayataha shaantirashaantasya kutaha sukham

Written By:�Rishabh Anand, B.A.LL.B ( II ), University Of Lucknow�

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