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A Literature Review Of Gig Workers

Emerging trends are always a subject matter of debate and Gig Economy is one among them. The social security code has defined Gig worker as, "A person who performs work or participates in a work arrangement and Earn form such activities outside of traditional Employer-Employee relationships.

Now that many Gig workers have Actually Entered the Field. This preview outside the formal Sect of Employment had Enhanced Emergence of Innumerable Employee opportunities. While few claim they are constrained to work in Gig Economy for sake of survival, they are also people who claims acting both spiritual Material Fulfillment. Undoubtedly, on one hand the social security code will be providing plenty of welcoming recognition of Gig workers, but on the other hand, the code had created few impediments like that of compulsory registration.

This research work will be basically analysis about the level of protection provided for the Gig workers under the social security code, 2020, and will further examine as to whether the said code had completely plugged in the loopholes in existing legislation.

Review of Literature:
  1. In this Article on Gig worker in India by NITI.GOV.SITES. Describe of the Social security of Gig workers.

    NITI Aayog's report on 27th June 2022 Released a report on India's Booming Gig and platform Economy, Which in turn cities the current report By International forms on India S Gig Economy. The Economic Survey 2020-21 has Noted that India has all needy Emerged as one of the world's largest countries for Felix-staffing (Gig and Platform work) the IL O's 2021 world Employment and Social outlook report states that the number of digital labor platforms has brown five fold over the last decade.

    If was Estimated that:
    7.7 million workers ware Engaged in the Gig Economy, (2020-21) they constituted to around 1.5% of the total workforce in India, and it Expected to ride up to 23.5 million workers by 2029-30, 4.1% of total livelihood in India by then. Chapter 6 of the report specifically deals in Great detail, with the social security polities that can be adapted to the Gig workers and presents Global Examples where countries such as the US, UK, Singapore, South Africa, Hong Kong have a needy made laws to confer such Benefits.
  2. In this Article describe the (A comparative study of Gig workers) Unaddressed problems of Gig workers.

    Digital labor platforms are newly developed and still developing. Developing countries like India's the Indian market are new to this trend. So, the Indian courts don't chair any Exposure to Issues arising out of this and there was no specific legislation in respect to these Gig workers were panes.

    And these Gig workers are also not considered under the existing labor laws as the legislation and Judiciary System are still in the confusion to place them under existing laws due to the nature of work done by the Gig workers. These Gig works are not considered as employer under Indian law.

    The existing labor laws in India consider only the employers under the government sector, private sector and public sector undertaking and others defined under the act. As a result, the Gig workers are not entitled to any of the benefits such as minimum wages, maternity leave, paid holidays, compensation for termination, stipulated working hours and forming of trade union as such.
  3. In this article Rajasthan state government implement to the Gig worker welfare act and funds: (In India First Time)

    In a First, the Rajasthan Government on Feb 10 said that the state will launch Rs.200 crone fund to protect Gig workers chief minister Ashok Gehlot announced the enactment of the Gig workers welfare act, the establishment of a Board's a welfare fund of Rs.200 crone in his government's budget for 2023-24. Gehlot said Gig workers work with companies like ola, uber, Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon and others and their numbers are Increasing, to protect then form harassment and something else.
  4. In European parliament 2019, social protection of Gig Economy worker in the European union.

    Social protection of Gig Economy workers in the European Union. This report by the European parliament provides an overview of the social protection of Gig workers in the EU, Including the challenges and opportunities associated with providing social protection in the Gig Economy.
  5. In International social security association (2018). Social security and the Gig Economy.

    Social security and the Gig Economy, this article by the International social security association discusses the challenges of providing social security for Gig workers and proposes potential solutions, such as the creation of a universal basic Income or a portable benefits system.
  6. In Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (2019) social protection of the self Employed and Gig Economy workers.

    Social protection of the self employed and Gig Economy workers. This report by the organisation for economic-co-operation and development (DECD) provides an overview of the social protection of self-employed workers and Gig Economy workers including the challenges of providing social protection in a rapidly changing labor market.
  7. Journal of European social policy 2020 comparative Analysis of policy responses in US and EU.

    A comparative Analysis of policy responses in the US and EU. This article by the journal of European social policy provides a comparative analysis of social security polities for Gig workers in the US and EU, including the challenges and opportunities Associated with different policy approaches.
  8. National Law University Delhi (2020) Gig workers and the law: A review of existing Frameworks in India.

    A review of existing frameworks in India. This report by the national law university Delhi provides an overview of the legal framework governing Gig workers in India including the social security challenges Faced by these workers.
  9. International labor organization (2018). The social protection of Gig workers in India.

    This report by the international labor organization provides an overview of the social protection challenges faced by Gig workers in India and proposes various policy options to address these challenges.
  10. Center for sustainable employment, Azim Premji university (2020) current scenario.

    This report by the centre for sustainable employment at Azim Premji university provides an overview of the social security challenges faced by Gig workers in India and argues for the Need for a separate law to address these challenges.

  • One of the primary object times of a separate law for Gig workers in India.
  • Need for social security in health insurance, Maternity benefits, Pension Schemes and Need for safe working condition.
  • Regulating platform companies.

Statement of problem:
  1. Lack of access to social security benefits.
  2. Low and irregular income.
  3. Limited bargaining power.
  4. Unclear Legal status.
  5. No separate laws in India for Gig workers.
  6. Lack of health Insurance, Retirement Benefits.
  7. Unpredictable work hours.
  8. No Job security

Research Question
  1. What are the social securities in online platform workers?
  2. What awe the separate legislation available? If not available, How to Initiated to make separate law for Gig workers?
  3. What are more benefits available in Gig workers?
  4. What awe the potential Implication for their economic security and will being?
  5. What are the working condition and experiences of Gig workers in India's what are the Implications for their livelihoods, will being, and social
    protection needs?
  6. Whether Gig worker Guidelines and conditions are only Regulate the social security of Gig workers?
  7. What are Issues faced Gig worker in Every day process of working?
  8. If people misused Gig workers and Discriminate and Insult of her profession? Why?
  9. What is the reason degree Holders select this profession and if they satisfied this work?

Research Gap

The Research Gap in the study of Gig workers in India is the lack of comprehensive data on the demographics, working conditions, and experiences of Gig workers across various sectors. While there have been some studies on specific segments of the Gig Economy, such as ride haling or food delivery, there is a need for more systematic and cross sectoral research that covers a wider range of Gig work.

Furthermore, there is limited research on the social and economic implications of Gig work for both Gig workers and society as a whole. This Includes issues such as income volatility, job security, acers to social protections and benefits and the impact of Gig work on traditional employment and labor markets.

Finally, there is a need for more research on policy interventions and regulatory frameworks that can effectively address their challenges faced by Gig workers in India. This includes examining the feasibility and impact of various models of social protection and benefits as well as the potential for collective bargaining and other forms of worker organization in the Gig Economy. As my view, In India, No separate law for Gig workers.

In compare to other countries Gig workers and our India gig workers, both have right to work. In covid19 time Indian Gig workers work 24 hrs food delivery, Amazon delivery, emergency hospitality workers. They have affected COVID 19 but that time also the Indian government didn't Enact any social security and benefits for Gig workers.

They have affected mentally stress, so, any laws didn't line any appreciate in them for working for covid19 period also, it's all are in my view in research gap.

A possible hypothesis for research on social security for Gig workers could be "providing social security benefits to Gig workers Improves their financial stability and reduces their reliance on government assistance programs, resulting in a more equitable and sustainable economy".

This hypothesis suggests that social security benefits, such as retirement savings plans, health law coverage and unemployment insurance, can help Gig workers overcome the challenges of working in a Non-traditional employment arrangement. If also suggests that providing such benefits can chair positive effects on the broader economy, by reducing the burden on government assistance programme and promoting more equitable income distribution.

Hypothesis is nothing but, tentative answer to the research question and that shows a problem area and which need to be tested in the course of research. The social security for online workers effectively not implements in separate laws we saw some news about, "Gig workers suicide for not permanent Job, salary, no social dignity form people.

The Rajasthan government take first initiative step to give budget in budget day but, if, how to execute, if they take effectively and it's not use of it. The Gig workers economy was weaker, they have don't respect form people some people discriminate, insult, but no none punishment for violation of dignity some to worker this field, but, the society also not responsible for Gig workers.

Written By: A. Abuthahir BCA, Ll.M (1 Year)

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