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Strike: Definition, Reason And prohibition

Definition Sec 2(Q) Of Industrial Dispute Act, 1947.

Strike is collective stoppage of work by the employer in order to bring pressure upon the management or other employer.

Strike means refusal to work by the group of employees, strike is temporary withdrawal of the work by the workers.

The workers start working when there demands are fulfilled.

Reason Of Strike:

  1. Unsatisfactory wages.
  2. Improper working hours.
  3. Bonous or increment are not provided.
  4. Social Security is not provided.

Prohibition Of Strike (Sec.22 Of Industrial Dispute Act.)

  1. The strike is not allowed by the persons employed in public utility services or essential services.
  2. Without giving six weak prior notice to the employer before going on strike.
  3. Within 14 days of giving such notice.
  4. Before the expiry date of the strike which was given in the notice.
  5. During the pendency of any proceedings under the conciliation board.
  6. Before seven days of the decision of a conciliation officer.

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