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Criminalization of politics in India

In today's world the rate of crime is increasing day by day. No matter in which form crime takes place but it affects whole of the society. The crime is done by one person but suffer all the peoples. Now I tell you about criminalization of politics in India.

At first, we often come to the words of criminalization of politics. The term of the words is well known to educated people and newspaper readers. When political or political powers is used by self interest seeking person for their personal gains or many more advantages such as higher position in higher state administration which is normally not possible. So, basically criminalization of politics means to use politics and political power for wrongful gain which is not legal.

The word crime used in politics in special sense. For example, an officer wants to go in higher post but this is not his due he uses politics or political power to succeed. And he will succeed. But this will not stop there. The person who helped him to go for higher post, then that political member uses that person for his own advantage. And they will help each other. This is the policy give and take and this can be happen behind the curtains.

To get undue favour through the use of political power is crime. The term crime means an action which constitute a serious offence of an individual or the state and punishable by law. And gaining something by the use of political power is a crime and is punishable by law. The politics and political crime is not new. Even in the ancient times the political crime will take place because the person wants to go for higher gains or for higher post.

Causes of Criminalization of Politics:

The most important cause of criminalization of politics is the unholy nexus between the politicians and bureaucracy. This undesirable and dangerous relationship between bureaucracy and political leaders opened the doors of criminalization of politics. Caste and religion both are responsible for the criminalization of politics. In bureaucracy there are certain procedure and rules for the promotion. But caste and religion both interfere in this process. In many states less qualified civil servants gets promotion. The quota system is also fully responsible for this. And it is also found that a minister of particular caste or religion will distribute favour to the members of his own caste and religion. It is found in many states of India.

The system of party government is also responsible for the criminalization of politics. On the eve of general election the leaders of the part gives promises to the electorate. But when the political party comes to power then they will do nothing for the members who makes the political party wins, the funds which is given by the government for the public welfare and complete their need and wants but political party use that funds or money for their own purpose and this is also comes in criminalization of politics.

Reasons of the Criminalization:

1. Vote Bank

The political parties and individual have astronomical expenditure for vote buying and other illegitimate purposes through which these people's are so called goondas. A politician's link with then constituency provides the congenial climate to political crime.

2. Corruption

Corruption is also plays very important role in criminalization of politics. Every political member corrupted. He can do anything with their powers.

3. Lack of governance

In India the distinctive thing is left politics is deep chasm between saying and doing. This happens at two levels. By the lack of governance their should be no proper agenda and not follow proper functions because of the lack of governance.

Corruption and criminalization of politics is hitting at the roots of democracy. Therefore, Parliament take steps urgently to curb this menace. Candidates and political parties must give wide publicity to criminal cases pending against him or her, in the local media, both print and electronic, after he or she files nomination to contest elections.

How To Stop Criminalization of Politics In India:

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