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The Power of President and the Governor

The below presentation will be shading more light to bring a clear understanding on the powers which are vested in the President. To aggravate matters, not forgetting the functioning powers of the Governor as well. Both of them they played the significant roles in uplifting of the Indian Constitutional as well as the meeting the requirements of the people. The meaning of the President and the Governor will be outlined also, the introduction to the topic.

Who Is The President?

As we refer to the Indian Constitution according to Article 52, the president is the head of state and the Parliament. Moreover, according to Article 52 the President is also described as the first citizen of India.

There were also some paramount requirements which should one be aware or comply to if needed to be a President. According to Article 58 of the Indian Constitution, a person who can be eligible to be a President should be a citizen of India and also should complete the age of the majority which is thirty- five years. With the respect of the Constitutional and to comply to the doctrines written down these stated provisions only qualifies a person to be a President.

Who Is The Governor?

A Governor is a person who governs, or an administrative leader who has been appointed by the President. Moreover, a Governor is also defined as an executive head of the state. Governor can also lead the national Government with the following character traits, for example, being confident, being able to make collaborations, able to be creative just to mention but a few.

Again someone to be eligible and pass the requirements to be a Governor one should be a citizen of India as well and should also complete the age of, thirty-five years.

Powers Of The President

A president plays a most significant role in the state and holds the powers which are of paramount importance and more to be stated in detail on the below discussion.

In Detail:
To give a detailed information considers the Legislative powers the President will be the head in the law-making or facilitating during the process. Again the President, will be taking responsibility to all the houses both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. To refer to the Executive powers, the President has the power in appointing of the National commissions and also the President has the powers to command and all the citizens should comply to meet the peace and tranquillity.

Powers Of The Governor

The Governors powers are also similar with those of the President, hence the Governor has the power and defend the constitution.
The Governors powers consists of:
  • Executive powers
  • Legislative powers
  • Financial powers
To sum up, the above presentation has outlined some important aspects which touches both the President and the Governor outlying their powers which are vested on them. The other insight thing is both to some extent their powers are interconnected, hence the conclusion.

Written By: Aznar Daitai

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