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Everything about Skilled Worker Visa UK

The skilled worker visa UK provides an advantage to qualifying overseas individuals to work at a good sponsor and get permanent residence in the UK.

This Visa can provide you a good job on the basis of the UK shortage occupation list which consists of seats vacant for a required post. If you are eligible enough to do that job, then you should apply for it. Once you apply for the post and meet all requirements, you get an offer letter to stay in the UK for 5 years.

About UK shortage occupation list:

The Home Office UK plans and lists about the occupations, which requires workers. They make a list annually and add the number of seats and qualifications. If you have an offer letter from a UK Sponsor and job mentioned in the Shortage occupation list, then you can easily get the job.

Requirements to get Skilled worker visa UK

To get access to skilled worker visa UK, you must meet all the requirement of UK Visas and immigration:

  • You should be 18 years old or over.
  • You should have a legal Certificate of Sponsorship for the job you have applied for.
  • The job post should be in the UK shortage occupation list.
  • Make sure that your sponsor has paid all immigration skill charges.
  • You should be skilled and qualified for the job.
  • You must be a fluent English language speaker.
  • You must have passed the CEFR Level B1 test.
  • You will get a general salary based on the UK Home office department system.
  • You must have enough funds to support yourself financially.
  • You must provide a criminal record certificate.
  • You must provide a valid TB certificate.

  • The UK employer or company must be approved by the Home Office where you are going to work.
  • Certificate of Sponsorship should mention your occupation, skills and your sponsor's signature.
  • The documents and a reference letter should be attached which gives information about your role in the job offered by the UK sponsor.
  • You should be paid by a UK Sponsor.
  • You should be able to afford accommodation and other resources.
  • You do not have any claim over public benefits enjoyed by UK citizens.
  • You must confirm the Validity of your offer letter before applying for the Skilled worker visa UK.
  • You must communicate in the UK English Language, prove your command of the English Language by showing a degree or course related to English language knowledge and studies.
  • You can pass the language test under UK Home Office rules.

Benefits you get from Worker Visa

  • Visa holders can refer to the dependents.
  • Spouses are allowed to work on the visa by meeting the requirements.
  • No limit on the number of people moving to the UK.
  • Minimum salary is required from �30000 to �25600.
  • The healthcare professional workers like doctors and nurses will get fast track visas as they need to be available in urgent times.
  • If you have applied for a job under the IT sector, Finance, teaching, Healthcare or Engineering. Then you have an advantage due to the demand of these sectors.

Apply for Skilled worker visa UK

  • Online application submission on the official website of Home Office Visa UK.
  • Pay required charges.
  • Biometric information is required.
  • Scanned documentation.
  • Proof of ability to travel and live abroad by showing your oversea travel history and passport.
  • Proof of your knowledge of the English Language.
  • Identification proofs.
  • Proof of savings and bank account details.
  • TB Test
  • Criminal record
  • Full body check up proof
  • Proof of Mental and physical stability
Now you are ready to apply for the Skilled worker visa in the UK.


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