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Residential Status

Tax incidence on an assesee depends upon his residential status. For instance, whether an income, accrued to an individual outside India is taxable in India. Likewise whether income earned by a foreign national in India or outside India depends upon residential status of individual rather than on his citizenship.

Even a citizen may or may not be resident in India. Under Income Tax Act 1961  in section 6 certain conditions are given to determine whether an assesee is resident in India or not.

In this article we will study about determination of residential status of individual.

There are three residential status:
  1. Resident and ordinary Resident
  2. Resident but not ordinary Resident
  3. Non resident.
Residential status can be determined of different taxable entities like A hindu undivided family, an individual, a firm or association of person , joint stock company and any other person like local authority or artificial or juridical authority.

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