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Role of Women Entrepreneurs in Nation Building

Meriam-Webster defines entrepreneurship as the management, organizing, and assumption of the risks of a business or enterprise.[1] Entrepreneurship is the backbone of business activity. Similarly, the willing act of leading the business by a woman who makes herself responsible for the management of the business and voluntarily accepts the risk of losses is called the woman entrepreneur.

Nation-building means to be politically stable, economically sound, and socially developed. When a country is economically well, it becomes prosperous in other aspects also as prosperity brings awareness, education, and knowledge with it.

Female Entrepreneurs: Rising Firefighters:
The business in the Indian mixed set of the economy is an absolute play with fire. This fire, when used properly, can help to cook delicious dishes but if used carelessly may also burn the hands. The rising Entrepreneurs in India are truly the firefighters who have made good use of this fire by their great courage and exemplary business management skills. There are so many names among us who contributed to nation-building.

Gina Rinehart, Falguni Nayar, Denise Coates, Chitra Gurnani Daga, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Aditi Gupta, Indra Nooyi, Shradha Sharma, Vandana Luthra, Wang Laichun, Shahnaz Hussian, etc. are a few of them.[2] These women are not only playing smart business strategies but also favoring national economic growth.

Role of Entrepreneur women in nation building:

Women have proved their wonderful management, planning, and organizing skills as housewives beyond any doubt. Their managing skills are god-gifted.[3] It was the second world war that bought many women into work and many of them initiated themselves into entrepreneurship but this was only for necessity.[4] In a society with a family, having commonly a male head, it is assumed that women will be dependent upon him.[5]

Still, women have proved themselves on several occasions. Security comes with wealth and when there is more than one earning member in a nuclear family, prosperity comes to it. Similarly, if half of the disguised population of any country starts contributing to its economy, the country also becomes prosperous. Without women, a nation can't survive as they are called Shakti Swaroopam, i.e the source of power and energy. Entrepreneurs serve the prosperity of a country. All the skills which are required for entrepreneurship are naturally versed in the ladies. The ability to patiently solve the issues, wisdom, smart and out of box thinking, economizing costly tasks, and hard work are the abilities of a house lady.

Challenges and Prospects:
The basic challenges for women as an entrepreneur are the male-dominant social approach, lack of finances, lack of will, lack of education and exposure, a less convenient environment of the market, etc.[6] The women have less education and they are less skilled. Management courses are supposed to be made only for boys.

They have financially dependent upon their father or husband, therefore they have less financial support. Although the law provides them equal coparcenary rights there is a mindset of women as well to not to take share in their father's property. women who take the share do not use it properly. The lust for ornaments is also present among Indian women which bars them. After 1991 reforms, globalization has bought a change in the mindset, females are given more opportunities and equal rights.

The Positive Vibes:
Current age is of Globalization. The world is moving towards digitization and this makes it the golden era of startups.[7] The women have also become more thoughtful towards their identity. They no more want to stay under the veil of orthodox customs and survive on the salary of their male counterparts. Nuclear family fashion has made them more independent and decisive. Gina Rinehart is an Australian Entrepreneur who took her bankrupt father's business and raised it on heights. She is currently the Richest Australian and 75th richest person in the world.[8]

Similarly, Falguni Nayar of Nykaa was once an investment banker. After working for 20 years, she became an entrepreneur in 2012. And later she turned out to be the wealthiest self-made Indian woman.[9] The women's share in entrepreneurship worldwide is increasing. As per the data available, The US has seen an increment in Female Entrepreneurship of about 30% between 2007 and 2019.[10]

There was a time when India was a hub of cottage industries. The Cotton, Silk, and Jute were woven by skilled weavers with expertise.[11] In all these scopes, women were crucially involved and played a great role in the manufacturing of products. The introduction of heavy industrialization in India bought devastation to these cottage Industries.

Working at a factory was a task in which women had experienced a lot of difficulties. This also depressed their entrepreneurship. But now due to the impact of globalization and Startups, we can assume the growth of Female Entrepreneurship in the coming days.

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