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When ZERO FIR Was Launched And Under Which Section?

Need for Zero FIR

Earlier you might have heard this in real or in movies, police used to say that go to some other police station as this offence is not committed in my area or jurisdiction.

Now Police cannot say the same because of this Zero FIR concept.

In 2012, during the investigation of NIRBHAYA case, JUSTICE VERMA COMMITTEE was formed headed by Justice J.S. Verma, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Later in the case of LALITA KUMARI V/S GOVT. OF UP, the committee gave recommendation of Zero FIR and Supreme Court made it mandatory

Section 154 of Criminal code Procedure Act 1973, states about the FIR (first information report). ZERO FIR also fall under section 154 of crpc.

What is ZERO FIR?

Zero FIR is a kind of complaint which you can register in your nearest police station without checking the jurisdiction or area power of the police. If you observe any cognizable offence is being committed or is going to be happened. You can directly go to any nearest police station and get your FIR registered as ZERO FIR. Police cannot tell you that, go somewhere else as this offence has happened in other area or not his police jurisdiction.

If police says the same you can directly go to the Superintendent of Police (SP of the district) and if that also does not help then you can directly go to the Judicial Magistrate and complaint about them, a strict action would be taken against them.

Why we call it Zero?

The name zero denotes the zero serial number. Police will register this FIR under zero serial number and transfer the same to the Police station to where it should be investigated or that police station which have the power in that area or jurisdiction.


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