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Groundwater Pollution And It's Legal Remedy

Problem Of Ground Water Pollution In India:

In simple words, groundwater is fresh water that soaks into the soil and is stored in the pores between rocks and particles of soil. Groundwater accounts to 95% of the world's freshwater resources.

Because of groundwater we can dig or drill wells down into an aquifer and use that water during dry periods.

Groundwater is mostly used for the purpose of irrigation, domestic purposes and manufacturing and industrial purposes.

The usage of groundwater has increased drastically over the decades. India is the largest user of groundwater. India is estimated to be using 250 cubic kilometers of groundwater every year, which is the quarter of global total usage.

While over exploitation of groundwater is an issue there is also an increase in pollution among ground water. When compared to water pollution that is happening in rivers or lakes, groundwater pollution is worse. Groundwater isnot visible thus making it difficult to control them.

The main cause of groundwater pollution is because of:
  • Improper disposal or storage of hazardous materials
  • Improper use of fertilizers, animal manures, pesticides, and insecticides
  • Chemical spills
  • Improperly maintained or built septic tanks
When groundwater is used in excess in coastal areas, the risk of sea water intrusion is higher. When sea water gets mixed with groundwater it makes the groundwater more contaminated and the water cannot be used for drinking purposes.

Legal actions that can be taken by the government:

The government must take adequate steps in taking care of the resources.
  • Proper disposal methods must be enforced. As though it seems like an individual's duty to dispose the waste. The government must make regulations relating to it, especially if it is factories, manufacturing industries etc.,
  • As we are very much aware that most of a nation's groundwater is used for irrigation, new regulations regarding groundwater irrigation should be made. There should be a limit for water usage.
  • Even in wells where groundwater is drilled, stringent charges must be made against any unauthorized person drilling water for wells.
  • There should be regulation that states the amount of water that can be drilled through groundwater. For example, a 100m limit can be allotted by central ground water board.
  • For domestic purposes groundwater is drilled. Every house they areborewell on their own. There should be rules that state the distance between two wells. Minimum limit like 50m should At least be allotted.
  • Groundwater recharge should be mobilized in accordance with Checkdam facilities. So that it will help in ground recharge, improve irrigation,and sustain drinking water supply through wells during drought years.
Groundwater is not something that is always discussed about, but we need it every single day. If the government can regulate these amends, it would really reduce the over usage of ground water in our country and it would also be able to control the ground water pollution in our country.

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