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Dark Web

After one article already published in the platform of Informatics in this subject. This is here what I have to write about Dark Web. my ambition is to provide adequate information to the general people aware about do s and don'ts.Perhaps, I won't be using very difficult phenomenon to describe the process because I want to publish it to the other platform websites where there are many non technical leaders of mine who won't be able to understand some Complex terms difficult phenomenon,artificial intelligence process.

what is case I will try to keep it simple. I sincerely thank the platform of Informatics for giving me the opportunity to educate the students, their Guardian and the Republic.

What is Dark Web?

let me answer in a simple way. whenever there is an establishment of network peer to peer with out the licence, text in the search engine out the information in an Unidentifying way of uses location, contacts, Gallery, media, audio,video access operated by mistake serious people using the anonymization process different category that is " onion routing attacking the mother domain can be termed as Dark Web.

ONION SERVICE is the base of Dark Web. They deal with active soliciting of Hacking, Links, Ports, Arms, Violence, Drugs, Finance, Hawala, Hundi, Abuse counterfeit Mail,Bitcoin,Blog, Directory. Dark Web consist of dark market unfortunately according Wikipedia Facebook have a great hidden Dark market.

in 2017 the Tor projectors saved Facebook comprises of Dark Web service in dark market.

The services can be:
Ransom, Botnets (Command And Control Prompt)

Dot Net market, Bitcoin ,Hacking groups, Hawala, finance fraud, loan fraud, illegal auction, p**********, cyber terrorism, social media violence, unverified content, journalism, underground connections.

What Is The Protocol?

whenever there is a Legacy or authorisation issue we search for IP address. internet protocol to get the identification connection but due to the anonymity of the onions service it is not recovered hence the domain or OS is compromised. There can be many ambition use Dark Web in the dark market.Whenever it is challenge it becomes the official duty for the law and enforcement agency for the search to stop it for any commercial or personal matters.No elementary service should be available for this kind of web. Immediately disfunctioning the website, Bennett from Real world.

What is Tor?

It all started Where are local connection is established to share a file no details remains program to receive it but no acknowledgement or to send back any message to the sender using Apranet accounts so become a Tor network. It includes:
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Bittorrent
  • Decentralized Network 42
  • Free Net
  • GNU-Net-F2F topology
  • I2p-Overlay Proxy
  • IPFS-Browser
  • Open Bazar
  • Retrograde
  • Riffle
  • Secure Scuttlebutt
  • Sandie Software
  • Tor
  • Trigger
  • Zero Net
  • Stealthily
  • Waste
  • Allpeers
  • Turtle F2F.

These may not be a very common words aur platform people does go through everyday. what in order to be in a safe mode towards him or towards his family one should prohibited in self into into this links.People or organisation who have laid the net into many ways to prey and hunt the common uses or even VIP users in the net.

One can get trapped himself in these links aur compromises to not only with his IP address but also to his residential address,medical history along with his contacts, family members, friends, relatives can make the life miserable.Here, I want to share my personal experience recently I faced during writing this article.I was watching a video on Facebook where a random advertisement came Hugo loan app.I try to skip the advertisement many times but fortunately the apk.

Files of that Hugo loan app Got downloaded to my device. It started the malfunction since then.It give a regular SMS on my phone saying that Rs.X amount has been credited to my phone neither I applied for any loan or my family by my knowledge. Now when I open my netbanking which is linked by my phone shows a credit of rupees X amount on my state bank account.After this I thought of installing this application as this credit an amount of money to my bank account.

Here I didn't have any clue where I was going to fall in a trap.So, i install the app then I have given all the necessary information about me including my identity. The app took control of my contacts/camera /gallery /locations/SMS without my permission. After the installation of the app of day 3, passed the cyber attackers started attacking /hacking my device trace my IP address and start blackmailing me where they broke the security key of my device not only that they breach on my WhatsApp and its contact, result to leak my Banking details.

They Morphed my pictures send it to my family members. They started scaring me by giving life threats.Apparantly, those vulgar messages, abusing words on my character were also sent to my family members friends and other colleagues on my WhatsApp. They morphed my pictures giving me threat saying if I do not pay the money which was the triple of the amount credited to my account through the UPI and all kind of details of my bank were along with them to Burge in my device.

First, of all this incidents happening so much back to back, I didn't have a single moment to think any kind of solution, got me in depression and a troublesome.I lost my consciousness on Technology. This result to get notification on my phone, WhatsApp from numerous numbers who all of sudden start reaching my life asking for money with huge interest every hour.Out of ethics and culture neither I use any offensive or abusing word, instead repeatedly try to reach the complaint box of the app through mail.

But there was no response. Those cyber attackers imposting themselves as part of police and Cyber department.All of them have my banking credentials, parental information, residential address, IP address along with my pictures. I was going hopeless as my contact relatives friends calling me asking me for explanations about those cheap nonsense statements quoted by suspicious numbers.

These cyber criminals uses suspicious numbers to reach me, my family members, neighbours saying that they will make my pictures viral on the social sites if I don't pay them everyday.For a moment my mind got unstable.

Immediately I revived myself. Uninstall the app from my device,put an update on my WhatsApp status that my privacy have been trespassed. Beside, I got the calls from those attackers who seem to be very young people calling up from laptop and using internet voice calls. Speaking a funny accent full of vulgar and offensive languages. I can pursue,that they are the inhabitants of our neighboring country's like Bangladesh and Nepal Probably.

During my friends study we came into the concept of Cyber Terrorism.I immediately contact the cyber crime department of Kolkata where I received an advice to write to my local cyber crime department where the cyber crime of Kolkata give an email of my local cyber department which was under the control of Superintendent of Police.There I wrote an official mail attaching The screenshots of those activities and piece of information was shared to the cyber crime department who took the initiative to come to contact me.Till today, I am getting threats and attacks from the cyber criminal trying to contact me through suspicious numbers and other foreign numbers.

soon this, Tweet was done this Hugo Loan app in the National Newspaper along with Global digital social platform.The Tweet was Done by the Cyber Crime Cell Top Cop Shri Vineet Goyal Sir, for taking the cognizance on Loan App complaint by two dozens daily basis.Hacking apps from Terrorism Group,and Blackmailers Group hacking bank account Sending Life threats From Bangladesh and Nepal, Apps created in Play store in the name of loan then doing recovery of that loan even which is not taken,
Numbers Are:
  • 7379225139
  • 7358766388
  • 7635053202
  • 6377483026

Apps are-HUGO LOAN/JEETU LOAN/Rupeeway Cashport/Easycreditz/Supercoin/Rupee Park/EZcash/Thunder cash/wowallet/RupeeNEW/redmagic/Loanstar/PocketBorrow/FastCredit.

No one can guarantee a safe roadmap using this internet. But definitely steps should be taken immediately effectively without fear making your guardian ,family ,friend aware about the situation that you are facing in your life without fear.This will help you to get rid of the social problems if you are in the Dark Web without your knowledge what are the cyber criminals trying to blackmail you with their criminal intention to hurt or cause damage you or your family.

This article is written by me for performing a huge social responsibility I have on my shoulder as a forensic expert and a lawyer but,above all a Responsible Citizen of India.I request you to read my article share your point of view on my research this will motivate me to research more on this kind of topic, and investigate which resource to Cyber Terrorism.People unknowingly becoming the target by this countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan ,Nepal.Do's and Dont's are sincerely to be followed if you have ever been pawned while using internet.

No security key can give 100% protection to save you or your accounts if compromised. The mission has to Stop Cyber Attacks/Say No To Cyber Terrorism/Say No To Dark Web.This not only affect your bank ,your money ,your media image, but lead destruction of life like suicide.It primary awareness to everyone.It can happen to any group/gender/class/age.

Gain It With Knowledge-Quote By

Award Winning Article Is Written By: Trisha Cherry Chakraborty - A Forensic Expert And A Lawyer Of India.
Awarded certificate of Excellence
Authentication No: AU221913695082-7-0822

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