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Work From Home: Is it an emerging Legal Right?

"A Legal Right" has been defined by various jurists. One such definition given by Pollock - "Right is freedom allowed and power conferred by law", best defines the present situation in Netherlands.

The two politicians namely, Steven van Weyenberg (Pro-European D-66 Party) and Senna Maatoug (Green Party) will be coming forward on July 3, 2022, to deliberate on a new legislation which will introduce "Work From Home" as a "Legal Right".

Netherlands, being a country with a very employee friendly work structure has been a liberal. The working class has the shortest average work week than any other working professional in any other country. (Source: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)). The employees of big multinationals, living in Netherlands, such as Dell, may experience more flexibility in work, by opting for four-day work per week.

For the employees of age 18 or above, the maximum average working hours is 48 hours per week. The work environment is developed as such that to involve - work and personal care together, including that of the child.[1]

For example, alike United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, India, South Africa, Singapore, The Netherlands also provide their employees with "Adoption Leave", as per the Dutch Employment Law.!

  1. Legal Dutch, Employing staff in the Netherlands: How does Dutch Labour Law Work? LegalDutch (last visited June 27, 2022).

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