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How To Fill Process Fee PF Form

How to Fill Process fee form
Process fee form is also known as "Fard Talbana", PF is a form of evidence which shows that you have legally given notice to other parties through honourable court.

What is PF form
"Process Fee form" is a form that is filled and filed in the court for summoning the defendant or witness or any accused before the court.

It is filed after a judge or a magistrate allows the application or petition of the applicant or petitioner.

How to fill it?
As you can see in the form there is a line "In the court of" in which you have to write the court name, follow up in the same line designation, Area then place (area in which court is located)

For example: In the Court of XYZ ADJ, central THC, Delhi.
  • Then fill Case no
  • Fill party name, Plaintiff versus respondent
  • Then fill P.D.O.H ( Previous date of hearing ) and N.D.O.H (Next date of hearing )
  • In Date of filling: fill the date in which you're filling the PF
  • Filed by whom: normally plaintiff gets direction to file PF
  • Purpose of filling
  • Number: write the Number of defendants
  • Amount of P.fees: write the amount of PF for example 02
  • Court fee Affixed: apply ticket of 2 rupees
Things to have:
  1. Additional envelop
  2. Envelop should be stamped
  3. 2 Copy of case
After filling take this form to Ahlmad who will give his/her signature,then ahlmad will send notice to the other party.

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