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Importance and alliance of Indian Society And Law

In this article we will talk specifically about the law and society and their alliance and importance. The aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community is known as society. Our country is very diverse as it consists of people belonging from various places following different cultures and traditions. Society consists of social orders and social orders develop examples of conduct by considering certain activities or discourse as ok or inadmissible. These examples of conduct inside a given society are known as cultural standards. Social orders, and their standards go through steady and interminable changes.

Such patterns and conducts are also known as societal norms. A society can be called as a group of like-minded people governed by their own norms and values. We can say skeleton of the society is a mixture of economic, social, industrial and cultural infrastructure.

Whereas, the law is an enactment made and implemented through friendly or administrative foundations to manage conduct, with its exact definition an issue of longstanding discussion. It has been differently depicted as a science and the specialty of equity.

Social change includes an adjustment of society; its financial construction, qualities and convictions, and its monetary, political and social measurements additionally go through alteration. In this human world I feel law is the most important thing amongst all as it is a mediator between the power and the ideas of the people. It is an important part of our society as it acts as a guideline and if those guidelines are not present in the society there might be a lot of confusion which in turn would give rise to various conflicts between various communities, social groups etc. It basically helps us to maintain the balance between self-interests and societal interests.

Law unquestionably has gone about as an impetus for the following issues such as dilution of caste inequalities, defensive measures for the powerless, weak and vulnerable sections, accommodating the noble presence of those living under unwholesome conditions etc. It is the main focus of the news, it is a crucial part and never gets separated as it's a never-ending, debatable topic which will go on and on without any limit. It oversees what we should or shouldn't do, it is utilized to resolve questions, disputes, to rebuff and to administer.

One of the major roles that law plays in society is in shaping its view, society is directly impacted by the changes that are brought up by the laws. For instance making education free and compulsory for children till the age of 14 and protecting it by declaring it as a fundamental right law has played an important role and therefore this has a huge impact on society.

Similarly various other instances can be seen such as abolition of untouchability, ban on sati, child marriage, dowry etc. are big socio legal changes which won't have been possible without the alliance of both society and law.

Now let's talk about why the Law is needed in our society and how it has impacted our society. It is needed because it helps us in maintaining balance, protects the basic human rights, helps in promoting fairness, promotes order and stability throughout the nation, help minorities and protects their rights and makes sure that they are not treated unfairly by any means and most important of all represents the will of the people. It serves as a norm of conduct and maintains the conduct of behavior. It is required for maintaining or sustaining the equity and is important for the functioning of society.

If the law would have been absent than I believe a lot of riots would have taken place, a lot of confusion might have arisen till now and people would have been struggling to get justice and fair treatment which they still are but still they do have access to it though it might take a bit longer than expected but late is better than never. It is crucial that we follow all the laws as they takes into account simple reception to changes that happens in the general public.

It is additionally a pointer of the idea of cultural intricacy and its orderly issues of joining Law is a viable medium or organization, instrumental in achieving social change in the nation or in any district specifically. The relationship of society and law helps us to easily adopt the changes taking place around us. Law in our society is just like a coin, it has two sides good and bad some laws are accepted universally and some are highly controversial.

For instance the ban on triple talaq is good for women's sake as equity and justice has been served to them but whereas if we see our constitution people have rights safeguarding their religion and law shouldn't interfere in it but on the other hand people feel their religious sentiments have been hurt as they consider triple talaq also as a part of their religion.

So, we can say law is a boon as well as bane for us, for our society. As some laws are really helpful for the people to get justice for the damages and losses they have suffered. Whereas, some laws are partially good and doesn't help much for the damages done as the law is vague and many interpretations can be concluded from it, which as a result sometimes backfires.

Most of the time people have a misconception that they know what the law is just by observing a few things in their surroundings, watching movies , hearing it from other people instead of finding more about it , verifying it from primary resources they go with the secondary resources which are not that reliable and true to the knowledge. Well I feel society and law with its legal culture are very much inter-relatable.

Nowadays, it is very difficult for a society to function without laws and laws won't be there if there is no society. Hence, they are inter-relatable and the law won't be able to bring changes without social support. Lastly I would like to talk about how as a budding lawyer I would do things and how I see things, I feel different people have different definitions of law and society but it doesn't mean that it's always right or that it's wrong just because it is different.

I would like to make a quite few changes within our legal system which in turn would make our society a more better and safer environment to live in, such as speedy justice as some cases takes years and yet the decisions remain pending other than that another instance can be punishment to hang for the rapists also at the same time some women wrongly use the provisions provided in law , for eg. Provisions against domestic violence are given in order to protect women and not for them to use it wrongfully against the men.

Now I would like to conclude this article by mentioning that various amendments that have been done and acts have been made and added that show how important law is in society. Here are few instances of them -: The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006, Dowry Prohibition Act 1961, Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013, The Trade Unions Act, 1926, Payment of Wages Act 1936, Maternity Benefits Act 1961, Minimum Wages Act 1948. Hence law and society are an inalienable factors of each other now.
Written By: Kashish

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