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Details of the Legal Metrology Registration Online Application Renewal

While applying for renewal of a license under legal metrology, the applicant must be aware of the facts to be disclosed.

He should know the details he is required to fill in the application form for the same renewal. However, without knowing the parties, the applicant will face difficulty filling out the application form.

To avoid any hindrance or confusion, the applicant should go through the details required in the application form for license renewal.

The applicant for the application renewal can be the manufacturer or the importer who deals in the weights and measures under the legal metrology act.

It will be more helpful for the applicant if he keeps all the documents handy and submits them in the application form within the time limit so that it will not create any confusion and the application will be submitted on time without letting the time expire.

Certain details need to be filled in the application form, and those details are given below:
  • The applicant must mention his full name
  • The applicant needs to mention his complete address.
  • license number
  • Complete address of manufacturing place, for which the renewed licenses are required
  • Name of the father or husband of the proprietor or the proprietors
  • If the applicant is a limited company, the name of the partner/partners is required, along with the name of the managing director or directors.
  • The type of weight and measures which are to be manufactured
  • If the manufacturing purposes change, then the reason for such change and complete information about the purpose should be provided by the applicant.
  • Information about the trademark or monogram that is used on weight and measured by the manufacturer
  • Complete details of workshop facilities
  • Details of premises in which manufacturing will take place
  • The contact number of the manufacturer
  • The email address of the manufacturer
  • Registration number of taxes such as sales tax, VAT, CST, professional power tax, and income tax.

Online Renewal Application Tracking Status
After submitting the application form online, the applicant can track his application after submitting the paper successfully. Even if the applicant does not follow his application, then the renewal will be done within 30 days as per the prescribed time. The applicant may track his application on the portal of legal metrology of the concerned state.

An applicant can take the following steps to track his application:
  • Go to the portal of legal metrology of the state government.
  • Click on the option of tracking given above the page.
  • The page will direct the applicant to the tracking page, where they are required to provide information like information about the department.
  • And then the next step is to provide the acknowledgment number.
  • After providing all the information mentioned above, the last step for the applicant is to fill in the correct captcha given on the page and then click on the submit button.
  • After fulfilling all the above steps, the applicant will receive his tracking report of the license renewal.

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