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Undergraduate law student to write the constitution of India Book

The constitution of India is the biggest constitution in the world. One can understand its length by very fact that the Constituent Assembly took almost three years (two years, eleven months and seventeen days to be precise) to complete its historic task of drafting the Constitution for Independent India.

During this period, it held eleven sessions covering a total of 165 days. The book has been written by many learner and high profile legal professionals and has also been printed under many various renowned and prestigious publishers like universal etc. Legacy of Indian constitution can be understood by very fact its drafting was carried out by BR. Ambedkar, who was helped by B.N Rau , who was appointed as constitutional advisor.

But what gethered spotlight here is that a student of law is writing the constitution of India now . Its a known fact that writing a constitution book isn't a easy task. Many advocates ,judges , editor faced problems while doing it. But a undergraduate student is doing it easily. Book is on the verge of getting published. Book has been written by advocate Gaurav Chatterjee who is an practicing advocate of Kolkata but its co-author and chief editor has gained spotlight. Subhranil Bhowmik, who is studying in KIIT SCHOOL OF LAW is co-author and chief editor of the book. The book will be self published one.

This means editing , writing , designing, marketing will be carried out by Mr. Subhranil Bhowmik who is just 22 years of age. If book gets published then it will be very first time that a law student has successfully written and published the very long constitution in the world i.e, Book on Indian constitution. Subhranil Bhowmik already have written down a book titled Need for recall which mainly talks about the urgency of guaranteeing the "right to recall" to its citizens to ensure that MLA's /MP's/Ministers of the nation do not take their respective power, position, and voters of the nation for granted.

Right to recall is basically a power of the voters of nation to remove or replace those public servants who are not working honestly and sincerely ,not fulfilling their promises done to public during the election rallies and those public servants who are doing lot of scams.

Written By: Anandi Mehta

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