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What Are The Preventive Measures For Legal Metrology Disputes?

As we are all aware, the buying and selling of commodities in our day-to-day lives plays an important role. Buying the commodities is the need of the consumer, whereas, on the other hand, selling the commodities is the need of the seller.

However, manufacturers manufacture the commodities, and in most cases, it can be possible that the manufacturer and seller of the commodity can be the same person. In the process of buying and selling the commodity, it is normal to have a dispute as it has broader terms in the market, and in such cases, disputes may arise that are covered by the LMPC Act. Such a dispute is raised by not following the rules and regulations laid down by the Legal Metrology Packing commodities and Act.

How can you prevent Legal Metrology Disputes?

Legal Metrology disputes may arise for various reasons, but it is better and preferable if you do not conduct any kind of thing which contradicts the Legal Metrology Rules. In the other case, if any manufacturer, packer, seller, or importer unintentionally or unknowingly has committed something which contradicts the act or committed the offense under the act, then such person shall contact the legal metrology expert or the legal metrology advocate immediately
  1. Every manufacturer, packer, importer, or seller should make sure that they are complying with the rules and regulations of the act.
  2. A proper declaration on the package of the commodity or on the prepared commodity should be made by the manufacturer.
  3. The MRP should be properly in clear form and must be mentioned on the package of the commodity inclusive of all the taxes.
  4. There should be a proper and full address of the manufacturer or importer of the commodity on the package.
  5. Manufacturers should keep in mind that they should mention the country of origin of the commodity.
  6. Contact information such as an email address and telephone number should be given on the package of the commodity
  7. The manufacturer of the commodity must have the manufacturing license and certificate to manufacture such a prepacked commodity.
  8. The importer of the commodity must obtain the importer's certificate prior to importing any prepackaged commodity into the Indian territory.
  9. If any problem is faced by the importer while importing any prepackaged commodity, he should immediately contact the legal metrology expert and work out a way to get out of that situation.
  10. Every manufacturer, seller, dealer, packer, or importer must comply with the rules and regulations of legal metrology and ensure that they should have the proper registration and license to manufacture or import such a commodity.
  11. It will be preferable for every manufacturer and importer to consult with a legal metrology expert prior to starting their business of manufacturing and importing the pre-packed commodity in the Indian market. By doing this, the manufacturer and importer will be much more aware of the compliance of the act and rules and they will not make any mistakes while importing, selling or manufacturing the commodity.
  12. Legal metrology rules should be properly adhered to by the seller, manufacturer, and importer of the commodity. This will keep the manufacturer and important, seller away from any kind of difficulties in the Indian market with respect to the packed commodities.

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