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Investing On Green Bonds

Amid the wider nebula process and the well of millions of helium stars, there is specifically one planet that departs energy while reflecting itself as a blue planet from space.
It's the only planet in the milky way galaxy that has millions of diverse life consisting of small microbes to big Asiatic elephants. despite the beautiful and depositional valleys like falls, forests, and glacier outlook it seems to be one of the most balanced exoplanets in the whole universe till today and the only home to our ancestor's minds and evolutions of various investments in terms of social and evolution tendency.

World earth day is celebrated every year since passing a resolution at United Nations to unify this world to conserve the valuable ecological assets so we can all give a strong wing to the sustainable development index which is having 17 goals. Since the theme of this year is investing on planet earth and there is numerous factor that needs to be evaluated and framed to go ahead with this topic.

With the eve of the industrial revolution and expansion of human curiosity as well as their revolutionary learning mindset they with the influence to gain more profits in terms of economic sanctions and values under the capitalism idealogy started to emit carbon as well as other greenhouse gas in a wider thread. Thus the majority of the greenhouse gas can shatter like long waves of radiation thus it makes our atmosphere warmer and thus creating strong low-pressure centers above the ground or we can say in the troposphere as well.

This leads to unexpected phenomena of pressure gradient force mechanism and thus winds can flow from high-pressure belts to low-pressure belts but in a systematic climatological pattern in which the earth had already framed it balanced mechanism but due to extreme heating this go unexpected and thus lead to extreme cyclones, both tropical and temperate which can dismantle human rights, property and cause ecological disturbances. if you analyze the data almost five cyclones have destroyed the human, as well as ecological assets named tauktae,yaas,ghulab, and shaheen, these cyclones, were formed both in Arabic as well bay of Bengal. Other oceanographic pillars need to be understood the importance of oceanic currents, thus ocean marine lives are prominently surviving their fins majority because of ocean currents mechanism which brings plankton and also can carry nutrients from the eastern continent to the western side.

If we say you would observe that majority of the western continent doesn't get rainfall because the colder currents don't carry moisture and in terms of ecology it can be said to be balanced. But on the other hand, warmer currents like brazil currents and the mixture of two oceanic currents in the northern hemisphere of the Atlantic ocean lead to the formation of high nutrients environment which feeds much flora and regional fauna is which needs to be appreciated.

As the global temperature is increasing as the recent report of IPCC indicated that if we don't reduce our emissions till 2050 and continue to be a part of greenhouse gas emissions then it may happen that glaciers will sink and various climatological and atmospheric structures around the globe may face unpredictable and extreme climate, just look out at the present scenario we are facing thrashing heat in the month of march only whereas it should be facing in may.

It also happens that due to this imbalance oceanic currents, and various atmospheric belts like subtropical high-pressure belts and polar belts may change their position and can lead to a greenery Rajasthan which is today a semi-arid land while on the other hand eastern side of the continent may become a desert that even you don't imagine what will the administrative situation in context to poverty and human lives. As per the report of IPCC only, amazon which comes under the tropical region had already been cleared for settled agriculture purposes.

There are multiple demands as well as issues to handle to balance the majority of the issues. So there is a focus on investing in planet earth in the context of providing renewable technologies, the formation of parliamentary, standing, and international committees to frame policies on hydrogen technology, likely like wind, thermal, and solar. One of the issues is that this technology is quite more expensive than fossil fuels if we compare it in context to overall productivity and implementation programs. According to loop solar technology, it is analyzed that to install one solar panel takes almost forty thousand rupees and even the old architecture doesn't support spacious eligibility.

So there is a need for collaboration between developed countries and developing countries so they can frame an implementing policy not just only framing while looking out the other issue like population, transfer of technology, skilled human capital, and mediation on colonial debates of emission which means that one state blames others for the emission. Today, China, India, USA are the pivotal emitters of greenhouse gases. So there is a need for collaboration by using geothermal technology and expanding the budget on human capital, sustainable development, and issuing green bonds.

The idea of green bonds is much more effective as they can be issued by eminent central banks or authorities and thus it has lower interest value and it is only issued for taking money from citizens similar to government bonds while in this case, it is different because a user will get their principal amount with interest safely and by this capital, green projects would be funded. thus it would also safeguard our constitutional rights under article 21 of the Indian constitution as well as international treaties.

Today, our government of India has formulated many schemes to conserve the environment in terms of its constitutional values and schemes like global sustainable developments by the ministry of housing and urban affairs, now it's our time to be aware and plant a mindset that would lead us to give our next generation this planet earth as one of the most expensive assets you can give rather give them a million-dollar penthouse. Today we have time, today we have capital, today we have a chance, today we have we and for a moment let's imagine thousand of dolphins flattering throughout Ganga plains and whales loving their oceanic warmth. So let's start to invest because it can only us to grow and adopt a balanced approach and fulfill constitutional values like articles 21,14 and the directive principle of state policy in the context of India.

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