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Space Penetration Against Will

Legally there are different types of violations of human rights. Certain categories of law has no provisions of crimes in modern world. For example occasionally hackers are little known than youths who rape often. In country like India people consider a major at the age of 18 for claiming voting as well as various rights including sexual rights. Older communities in the society has no understanding of what certain things are all about after it had mutated just like bacteria against certain types of medicines.

Parents are aware of certain things but not up to the level that things have changed what they thing has penetrated even their children. The word penetration itself defines as a foreign in origin and not local or family one.

A decade before it was the menace of cable TV invasion into the society. The things took more than a decade to understand and change after various private satellite television operators came to understand this with the support of the government. Then we have the mobile communication menace. The monopoly of certain groups owning the spectrum turning the country into partial democracy, empowerment of the lower class and even socio-capitalism.

Where this is going to end? Is it for gain or for country's losses. With all these technologies being privatized, India seems to look standing at the forefront among the Afro-Asian countries, or even Pro-Islamic countries, standing ready to compete with Japan, Korea, Europe, and even America. But the menace is still not brought under the law.

Indian politicians are confused over the secret band satellite phone that are used in Infra Red in nature, being operated by some unknown crooks unknowingly protected by stealth laws which are not civilian, space or military in nature. This is "the phone" that are penetrative in nature, as if the interested elite are hacked often beyond their understandings. The elite class who are under "the phone" have nothing to hide or acclaim who are in the false disguise of being in some foam of umbrella.

If this is the case going on in our country, democracy will soon turn the people in the country for various sub-rosa activities against each other, and certain money earning groups getting immunity and safety insurance under some form of mental asylum.

The penetration of "secret band satellite phone" being used for civilian and society has to be checked whether it be in Tamil Nadu or Kerala or any other state in the country. The penetration of "utopia phone" into the people's life and families has to be studied which is mostly disguised in minority religious startups or for a reward in career.

The government and the law has to scrutinize the depth of dealings of the secret band satellite phone being used in research as it is used only by a core group for the entire region, in medical research on humans via remote sensing, as well as use of these "play phones" in dealing with the human psychology of mind against one's own family, and against the society in which they live in.

It is understandable to this author that the level of penetration of "secret band satellite phone" bars any secrecy for an individual as well as his freedom. This means that he or she has opened his or her thoughts to the masters of "secret band satellite phone". These masters of the "secret band satellite phone" are immune themselves as they are underground, protected by their own culture, language, religion.

The masters of the secret band satellite phone are fully aware of the psychology of the people, finance of the region and not to say about the religion practiced by the people in the region. Could anyone who had always supported negativity all his life with all his strength at his death bed says in the end positivist will win does it make any sense?

The secret band satellite phone is just like that. It is going to be a Satan for everyone and at the same time it supports Jesus above all name does it make any sense in a country where 80 per cent is Hindu and other lesser religions. Had these secret band satellite phone come from NATO countries people using them should proclaim using it for good and should not have any complaint as this author wants to points out. Holographic Inquisition is one such book where the misuse of the secret band satellite phone is exposed and condemned.

Hope at least in the future, Indian government as well as government around the world will take notices of these secret band satellite phone penetrating human lives and mind, causing them to live submissive to unidentified foreign authority and others to live just with their soul in this earth.   

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