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Web Security Vulnerabilities

What does web security vulnerability mean?

Computer Vulnerability is a cyber security term which refers to any defect or weakness in a computer system or network that can leave it open to attack by the hackers or cyber criminals. These web vulnerabilities can cause due to many reasons. Even if while working a pop up showed up and you accidentally OK to it, it may amount to any undesirable event which can compromise the security of your computer system, protocols, software, application etc.

Ordinary web vulnerabilities

A software is connected to an outlander on any other network to the nuts and bolts till the operating system. Around the clock if a stoner opens a program or application without certain restrictions, the stoner potentially invites bushwhackers to rewrite the codes which keeps the information secured.

The common web vulnerabilities include:

  • Bugs
  • Buffer overflow
  • Missing data encryption
  • Weak passwords
  • Use of broken Algorithms
  • Cross-site scripting and forgery
  • Path traversal
  • Missing authentication for critical function
  • URL redirection to untrusted sites
  • OS command injection

These are just few from the wide range of vulnerabilities which steals and corrupts the data anyhow. And this already big number climb up every year.

What causes web vulnerabilities?

Connectivity: When networks or systems are connected to each other they are very much prone to vulnerabilities.
  • Defected OS: Unsecured operating system by default give access to viruses and malware.
  • Complexity of system: Sometimes systems persist misconfigurations and flaws which can again a threat to system.
  • Familiarity: When cyber criminals are known to the hardware, software, codes etc. they may attack the computer system easily.
  • Weak passwords: Weak passwords, repeated passwords or reused passwords gives way to hacker to hack all the things concerned with the same.
  • Software bugs: When programmers leave the bugs in the system or in any application it may amount to exploitation of the system or software.

In addition when programmers are inadequate to understand the system or software thoroughly or while programming or designing or working on the same he do not consider all the aspects it gives a reason for the existence of web security vulnerabilities. Simultaneously there are many more reasons which adds up to the list above stated.

Web security vulnerabilities management

The four steps process of identification, evaluation, treatment and reporting of such exploitable vulnerabilities present in the system and software sums up the cyber security vulnerabilities management. Along with this efficient management the firm needs to have various other tactics to cures such cyber threats. Every time when new technologies, systems, software are added the new vulnerabilities are discovered. Thus, to protect our cyber mechanisms we need to carry on this process continuously.


The most vital task by Vulnerability scanners is to scan the cyber defects or vulnerabilities in the systems, desktops, servers connected to various networks. This helps firms to maintain their system vulnerability data secured doesn't matter with which network your desktop is connected with.

Evaluation of vulnerabilities
Once the identification of the vulnerabilities are done, the next step is to categorize the same. Vulnerability management provides scores or ratings through common vulnerability scoring system (CVSS) to every identified threat and gives the hint to the firm on which threat they should work on at foremost.

Treating vulnerabilities

Treatment of vulnerabilities is crucial and latter step after identification and evaluation of the computer vulnerabilities.

The different means of treating the cyber vulnerabilities are:

  • Remediation:
    When one completely fixes the problem or patch a vulnerability so that it won't turn up again. It is the most vital way for the firms.
  • Mitigation:
    It minimize the impact of certain vulnerabilities rather fixing it completely. This is used by the firms when they do not have the proper fix available or they do not have adequate time for the same.
  • Acceptance:
    This means when the risk is actually accepted instead of treating as treatment costs greater than the risk of vulnerability.

Reporting Vulnerabilities

Performing regular and nonstop vulnerability assessments enables associations to understand the speed and effectiveness of their vulnerability operation program over time. Vulnerability operation solutions generally have different options for exporting and imaging vulnerability checkup data with a variety of customizable reports and dashboards.

Not only does this help IT brigades fluently understand which remediation ways will help them fix the most vulnerabilities with the least quantum of trouble, or help security brigades cover vulnerability trends over time in different corridor of their network, but it also helps support associations' compliance and non-supervisory conditions.

Technology is the primary need of the day. It provides you with end number of opportunities and accomplishments which can help nations in its veritably true sense. National security is in peril when it comes to relaxed Data. However, cyber culprits are always keeping an eye on such dominant data which might destroy the world's big fat companies like Apple, Microsoft, Twitter etc. in one go by costing information from their workers through "Watering hole attack" which will direct them to the websites used by the hackers for attacking just like how "MORPHO" did.

There are several others like "BUREAU 121" which ended up attacking Sony Pictures and took further than 100 Terabytes of the data. Consequently, they are now aware of the forthcoming actors and workers which will work for coming 4-5 years or perhaps further. Cyber security vulnerabilities act as well-spring to these high-profile cybercrimes. Therefore, Cyber Security isn't only essential but a necessity moment to maintain world peace.


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