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Independent India: A Myth

India, our motherland, successfully drove away the British in 1947 and a glorious constitution - making process was followed. We are infact the largest democracy. We vote for our own government. If we look back some around 100 years, we would find our very own forefather's miserable condition under the British rulers, that was because of colonization, but after 75 years of independence how much are the Indian citizens free in making their own choices? The election system in India is just a puppet- show, it's just a showpiece in the name of democracy.

We are never really free and at comfort in our own country. Our current political parties whether at the state and the country level uses various mechanisms to subdue the Indian masses. Politics in India is no longer an arena of debate and discussion, it is more of violence and application of force wherever necessary.

My question here is was it really necessary to drive away the British just so that another group of torturers can grow from our own countrymen?

The saddest reality being the citizens of India themselves are given the responsibility to choose in whose hands do we have to suffer for the next five years?

Here arises another set of questions how far are we as Indians interested in the affairs of our own country?

There can be seen a wave of negligence in the political affairs of the country by common man, so the miserable condition the way we are treated badly in our own country is not just because we are victims of an evil system named Election, the real cause being our ignorance on the affairs of the country.

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