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USCIS Will Accept H1B Visa Petitions from April1, 2018

Are you willing to be employed in the USA?

The previous year (2017) proved not a good one for the aspirants who intended to work there. Those who had filed a petition to get H1B visa underwent a sinking feeling. Moreover, the premium processing was also suspended. Many of the ones who intended to apply for the OCI (Overseas Citizens of India), had a feeling in the pit of their stomach. They were bouncing the idea of whether or not be able to get H1B visa.

But this year, the Trump administration came up with a really good bulletin to cheer those aspirants.
Do you want to know what it is? Let’s go through what the recent announcement of the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services)-the immigration authority of the USA, states. But first, you must know who can get the H1B visa.

Who can get H1B visa for US?

Non-Immigrants can get H1B visa!
Non-immigrants are those who temporarily settle in abroad. They have their permanent resident outside the US. There are a lot of reasons to acquire the non-immigrants status. You may require a medical treatment from there; Or, you want to go for the business meet; Or, you wish to hang around there. Whatever reasons require you to visit temporarily, those all would be segmented under the non-immigrant visa subjects.

In all, the USCIS nods to get the H1B visa to those who have petitioned for getting non-immigrant worker visa. The aspirants, in this case, must have a job offer to work there. An employer who wants to hire or sponsor a person, he has to file a petition with the US immigration authority.

Premium processing services suspended:
The premium processing is an expedited processing of a certain petition that offers employment opportunities. Last year, the US immigration authority resumed this kind of expedited processing on October 3, 2017.

Generally, this kind of processing service assures accomplishing processing within 15 calendar days. The competent authority receives this request through an upgraded version of the Form I-907. Subsequently, it verifies the address and other specification to issue an approval notice/ a denial notice/ a notice of intent to deny/ a request for the evidence/ an inquiry into the misinterpretation or fraud within those 15 calendar days.
Otherwise, the authority initiates a refund to the petitioner.

But now, that authority has suspended to process the expedited service. The recent announcement has clarified that it won’t go for this service for now. Thereby, it would get enough time to process the long pending visa requests that fall under the cap. The processing would wrap up till September 10, 2018. Afterward, it would halt the service.

In the meantime, it would accept the premium processing petition for the next financial year (2019) provided that he/she has met the expedited criteria, like valid proof of birth registration in India.

Premium processing would be rejected if:
The candidate has submitted the form I-907 and Form I-129. Since the acceptance of the latter form is suspended, it won’t accept the collectively paid fee of both forms. It implies that the non-immigration visa request would be rejected if the candidate would have issued a cheque for collating the fee of those forms together.

The form I-907 ensures premium processing. On the other hand, the Form I-129 denotes an application for a temporary residency in the US to perform a service or receive training.

USCIS accepts H1B visa petitions from April 1, 2018
Every year, the US immigration authority accepts 65,000 requests since it’s a defined cap. Mostly, the petitioners file to employ at least 10,000 skilled employees from China and India. The selected candidates are theoretically and technically skilled. Majorly, that workforce belongs to the technology, medicine, education and science.

But, the recent update states that not all non-immigration petitions would fall under the annual cap of the 65,000 requests.

As aforesaid, the premium processing is suspended for the next FY (2019). The petitions for the same service would not be included in the FY 2019 cap. If any amendment will occur, the competent authority would notify the petitioners a few days ago.

So as of now, the aspirants of science, information technology, and engineering can heave a sigh of relief. They would have a golden opportunity to carve their career in the US.

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