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Same Sex Marriage: Inequality in Marriage

Love comes in all forms. It would be wrong to say that a person cannot marry someone just because they are not from the opposite sex. The world is evolving more than ever and we need to keep up with times. Same-sex marriage is when any person chooses to marry the same sex instead of the opposite. We should not shun this concept anymore.

In other words, gone are the days when people had to be ashamed because of their sexuality. In today's accepting world, we must make way for every human being irrespective of their gender. One needs to realize that there are more than two genders. The society needs to be more inclusive of all kinds of people. It will make the world a happier place when everyone feels they are accepted and appreciated is fundamental to the cause of human rights that we promote equality, and the protection of all people from discrimination and violence.

Importance of Same-Sex Marriage:

All of us are human beings at the end of the day. Before labeling each other with the religion we follow or the people we choose to love. Everyone must realize this fact and act like it. Same-sex marriage is more than important in today's time as the world is progressing.

Moreover, people can finally be themselves and own their individuality. Just because someone does not love a person from the opposite sex, it does not make them wrong. We can love anyone we want.

In addition, it is better to spend the rest of your life with someone from the same sex you love rather from the opposite sex whom you don't even like. People will obviously lead happy lives with their loved ones rather than being forced to marry someone.

Same-sex marriage gives the other people hope that they can also have a future. In addition, it paves a brighter path for the LGBTQ community. This community has already suffered enough due to discrimination. They deserve to be able to marry whomever they wish irrespective of gender or sex.

The Debate on Same-Sex Marriage:

Same-sex marriage in India especially is not encouraged. There are many countries which have stringent laws against it yet the people are open-minded. In India, neither are the laws lenient but the people are also very narrow-minded.

Most importantly, they never give these people a chance to prove themselves. Indian society does not like change. It is not as adaptable as western countries. India still needs time to be okay with the concept of same-sex marriage.

However, not knowing about the concept is a different thing and completely opposing it is different. Not only in India, but in other countries, people do not support same-sex marriage because they think it is against their religion.

Thus, this creates a lot of problems for them. People do not want the LGBTQ community to get the right to marry their lovers. This takes away their very basic human rights. The LGBTQ community has fought for a long time for their rights. Yet there is a far way to go.

When we talk about India, we see how it is on its way of progress. Like how it ended Section 377, which criminalizes homosexuality. However, we still have a long way to go in terms of the LGBTQ community. We must not any form of love be it same-sex marriage or anything else.

United nation statement:

It should be obvious that there are many different ways to be a human being. We need to respect and embrace these differences -- not criminalize them, not attack people, not deprive them of equal rights or the protection of the law, just because they are seen as different.

The struggle for the rights of LGBTI people is a core part of the human rights struggle.

And yet in many parts of the world, members of the LGBTI community continue to be the targets of brutal attacks, many of which are left unpunished.

It is essential that we defend and protect the LGBTI community, from every kind of violence and discrimination.

Seventy years ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed that everyone, without distinction "has the right to life, liberty and security of the person." When there is a pattern of hate-motivated violence one, for example, based on gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.

More than 70 countries criminalize consensual same sex relationships, and also criminalize transgender people based on their appearance. These laws subject LGBT people to long prison sentences, and in some cases physical punishment. They also implicitly encourage prejudice, hatred and violence.

As far as something doesn't harm anyone including oneself, it is not a crime. The same is the case with homosexuality. What's wrong with it, if they find emotional support in the same-sex? We are living in a democratic country. In democracy, the rights of minority must be protected from the stereotyped views of majority. We all should support LGBT peoples right to have a dignified life. This is the right time for parliament to legalize same-sex marriages in order to uphold human rights.

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