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Vasudev v/s State of Pepsu:1956 AIR SC 488

The appellant had attended a wedding there he consumed an excessive amount of alcohol. In the state of intoxication he went and ask one boy to get up from the chair so that he could sit on it. Listening to him, the boy refused to do so. On such refusal The appeal and pulled a gun from his pocket and shot the boy's abdomen.

Because of which the boy died on the spot.
The court observed that under section 86 of Indian penal code 1860, a person who does the act in state of intoxication shall be liable to dealt with as if he had the same knowledge as he would have had if he had not been intoxicated and less the things which intoxicated him was administered to him without his knowledge or against his will.

It was hard to find whether the person was in the state of excessive intoxication at that time or not. However, it was found that a period was not very drunk that he could not understand what he was doing and hence the appellant was held guilty for murder under section 302 of Indian penal code, 1860.

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