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Women Through Hurdles Of Covid-19

"Woman is necessary evil, a natural temptation, a desirable calamity, a domestic peril, a deadly fascination and a painted ill" -- Saint John Chrysostom.

It has been natural for every individual being to believe that each one's survival is dependent on other person and living being in this ecosystem. The world around us always taught us to help and support each other to grow and maintain healthy society, no one ever gave us the idea of hate or violence.

In the world where we always stood for right and believed that wrong will have its own sufferings there came a time where we all stood still in the moment where we thought for moment that time wasn't moving and everything including our lifestyle, careers, goals, achievements, incomes, patience and many more to add came to halt when deadly virus COVID-19 hit us and then to protect as many individual all the government put through all its citizens through dark phase of lockdown or to term it will stay home rule until the virus in air disperses enough for mankind's survival.

In fraction of second while observing news around world of being shut down completely, we all found ourselves being curled up as couch potatoes in each one's room locked until indefinite time in period of COVID-19. What was more interesting during lockdown was people making out an opportunity to feed the vulnerable section of society who are homeless, jobless, foodless and much more that you and I think we can't survive without are not even on their wish list.

To surprise me a little more people even thought of clicking their picture to post as their charity activity during these times where they were trying to barely survive somehow, to my amaze out of all these chaos where many woman's were baking, cooking, men's were busy achieving gold medal in ludo championship what was the situation of woman in reality away from the social media.

Every woman who was a homemaker or a working woman or a new mother, or in between her pregnancy what was going on with woman's out of there was all known only to a woman. Initially when woman had no time for self-care, they were taken care of but what happened in lockdown, everyone started losing their patience and after a point of time each one was frustrated either in first phase or the last phase but frustration did come along with the deadly phase of lockdown.

It was considered then and now that woman is responsible for everyone's care and health in the house with domestic help or without it. When everyone on social boasted off the ideas to deal the availability of excess time in lockdown woman out there were either violated, beaten up, tortured or choked to death under emotional pressure of surviving.

Seeing through the scenario there came a time where every leading newspaper was only publishing the grave offences that took place against the woman in every nook and corner of the world. According to the reports of United Nations article addressing impact of COVID-19 on woman's and girls' show that there was 53% rise in the crimes recorded against woman who suffered because no measure was taken to secure woman for saving themselves from the perpetrators who lived along with them.

Violence is often measured in terms of marks and tears that woman would put through display before the masses but no one ever cared for mental trauma and scars of woman that killed her every second while living under the fear with the perpetrator who did nothing else but only harm to her, be it husband, father, brother, uncle or who so ever man it can be in woman's life out there.

No one ever spared her in this dark phase of lockdown where woman who cooked was beaten up for bad quality, emotionally tortured by in-laws for not efficiently working 24/7  without taking any rest or break, hurt by her own children whom she cannot give time nor did they understand her position, newly born child and new mother instead of being welcomed were looked upon as extra responsibility where they never gave thought of post-partem depression, woman with younger child and working from home had other problems other than justifying her work, child, husband and household chores at the same time. This phase didn't allow woman to walk up to any sort of help which could be of great help at that moment nor it gave any glimpse or hope where situations could turn in her favor.

Hurdles faced by woman in COVID-19 are irreparable damages that shook not only their soul and strength to live but also their idea of institution of marriage and family where they didn't wish for but could not plant idea of family and marriage as good idea to their children and let them swim through the hurdle of miseries that the went through. Divorces, domestic violence, marital rape, child abuse and many violations that took place in lockdown are nothing but a pathetic experience which victims went through.

Physical and mental violence left scars and trauma but sexual offences that took another toll on woman where she had no sympathy or pity to be given where the perpetrator under the same roof violated the victim time and again without giving any warning or any chance to overcome her trauma. Lockdown did prove effective when it came to controlling the virus and helping to save species called man not human being but it failed to protect woman who suffered every inch of their life in this lockdown be it financially, physically, sexually or emotionally every woman has her story of lockdown where she was made to feel vulnerable and burden only because of the fact that she is woman.

Its high time to understand and make sure that the woman are not only protected but are nurtured and made to understand their divine status after which only they can make their son and man in society learn that existence of woman is not only necessary for societal good but also for the man kind as this species of woman is not a burden but blessing whom they shall respect not out of achievement but with the very fact that she is woman and this thought shall be incorporated in every human beings brain to wellbeing of society.

Written By: Advocate Bharti Bhogesara

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