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Why Do We Need Legal Awareness?

The Indian society lacks awareness and this is the reason why we are lagging behind developed countries. Does anyone say that citizens of developed countries are not aware? surely no, because development comes with and brings awareness. Developed countries firstly became scientifically advanced by scientific awareness. Some people claim that most of the developed countries are dominant because of money.

This is a fact because prosperity brings power, prestige, and security. when we say security, it means there is less danger and threat to life. No one will interrupt you in your activities. You will gain actual freedom. You will speak anything and society will never question. Money makes one powerful and then one's words are followed. The freedom we see today is a result of European liberalism. In the 19th century, Europe and America were dominant in the world economy.

They were using the raw material and resources from the rest of the world and making useful objects and money by their technical advancement. This made them prosperous and they developed themselves. Now, whatsoever they said was followed by the rest of the world. India also adopted their political structure and its constitution from these countries. Constitutionalism, Rule of Law, Federalism, and Secularism are certain terms that India has adopted from western countries and America.

These terms were new for Indians and they needed a lucid interpretation. Also, Indians were left poor and oppressed by the Britishers. They needed to get the awareness in an easy language and in an understanding way. Indian Constitution guaranteed several fundamental rights to citizens. This made the knowledge of the law and legal awareness important for every member of the Indian society because without awareness there is no meaning these rights.

Also, there is a common principle in law that is 'Ignorantia facti excusat, Ignorantia juris non excusat' which means that the ignorance of the law can never be excused. This maxim is applicable in the current justice system and courts check that if there is any ignorance of the law by parties in any case. So, awareness and knowledge of the law are mandatory and one must be aware.

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