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Data Protection Law and E-Pandemic

Nowadays new terms have popped up like E-Commerce, E-Governance, Q-Commerce and if future new terms would pop-up like E-Family, G-Relation, E-Space, E-Tour, etc.. Great everything is coming virtual. Government, Educational Institutes, Large and Small Business Houses, Banks, Legal Offices are becoming virtual and due to Corona Pandemic has forced everyone to be virtual.

Personal and Sensitive Data
Daily millions of Indian Citizens are creating, uploading, transmitting personal and sensitive data on this so called E-(....) websites. Online Payment is a major activity carried out on the Internet where debit card, credit card payments are provided as Input. Business related sensitive information are uploading and forwarding. Chatting is major messaging activity. All this online activities uploads personal and sensitive data on large scale by Indian people.

Social Media Platforms
On Social Media Platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, etc capture all this personal and sensitive data with no liability for data loss or data robbery. Our current Legal Law and Acts (For Example Information Technology Act 2000, etc) have exempted this so called intermediaries from such liability and online offences carried out by hackers using personal and sensitive data collected by this Social Media Platforms. Current Legal Law doesn't protect data. In this Act's few offences not very clear are defined and punishment are given, mostly compensation for the loss.

Stand taken by Social Media Platforms is that they provide only online platform and auto functions that run in the background not visible for common users, for performing data functions like Publishing, Forwarding, Updating data. This auto functions automatically run in the background but every user have to initiate it from their end, so it's user choice. So this platforms are not held liable by our Indian Law.

So here the user is liable, if their data is misused by the dark web because he himself has uploaded his personal data, sensitive data and photos and he himself has initiated to Publish or transmit the data and are not forced by the platforms.

Dark Web
Deep inside in the dark coding of this virtual social platforms there must be loopholes that must be reading user personal and sensitive data and transmitting it to an unknown location outside the Country that too automatically and without user intervention, hidden from outside.

In future this data will be used to destroy personal, professional life of an Individual, crashing the economy of the country, hit share market, drain bank accounts of individual citizens..Just imagine the future upcoming E-Pandemic will be like

Within few seconds thousands of bank accounts will become empty. After every minutes you will hear that next thousands of bank account got hacked.

A virtual attack on online business websites within seconds each and every business website will show different contents. This is possible for hackers by using your business sensitive data that you have uploaded and transmitted on the social media platform.

In a Hollywood movie it was shown that small missile hitting the perfect target in a busy market place fired by the villian by giving the missile unique identity and name of the target person. One day small missiles will come outside with names on it... It's not a joke...Just Imagination.

Means E-Pandemic will be disastrous for country like India. To destroy, Control, Clean or recover for physical objects takes hours, days and months, but for Virtual Data Loss or Robbery, it requires seconds of which only 1% or 2% can be recovered.

Value of Data
Value of Virtual Data on the Internet is too high that cannot be measured in money. Each and every Indian Citizens personal and sensitive data must have already crossed the Indian border. Someone unknown must be holding the data to an unknown location in digital format and can use it to spread E-Pandemic if required.

Key Responsibility
All Indian Citizen personal and sensitive data is already in the hands of the dark web crawlers but it's necessary to protect our future generation personal and sensitive data from crossing the Indian Boundaries and thus save them from E-Pandemic.

Data Protection Law
Enacting Data Protection Law and other relevant laws are so crucial and urgent need of the seconds. Restricting storage of data in the country and throughly debugging social media platforms internal code and functions from time to time. A Virtual Alarm to keep tab on the data crossing borders of Indian Sub-continent.

Join Us
Join us in our initiative showing Virtual Power to protect Indian data from crossing Indian Borders and let the Indian Legislature body know....How Important Is To Enact Data Protection Law For Indian Citizens And Future Generation. Send a message to [email protected]

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