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Important Facts and Informations About Visa Rejection

There are certain visa rules that under circumstances, the cancellation of a person's visa can result in the cancellation of the visa of his family members as well. The Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) terms this as subsequent cancellation or consequential cancellation. Depending on the situation, this may be an automatic result or one that is dependent on the discretion of the DOHA. There are certain visa rules that under circumstances, the cancellation of a person's visa can result in the cancellation of the visa of his family members as well.

Lack of Financial Stability Proofs
The applicant is required to satisfy by providing documents of proper financial stability as prescribed by the Home Department. Which is one of the main reasons for the migration law. Financial assistance documentation can be done either from the home country or by a known person who has Australian citizenship or a visa.

Lack of Professional Help
As Australia migrates, the law is complex, and certain to change over time depending on emerging systems and activities. Therefore, it is not advisable to submit an application without the help and advice of a professional migration lawyer. Migration Lawyer Perth WA not only provides the best facilities in the legal process related to your visa. Rather it also prevents your visa application from being rejected. This is an easy way to protect yourself from the scope of Visa Rejection. That in order to completely reduce its undue influence on your extracurricular activities and working performance.

Improper ties in home country
Applications made by many applicants for family visas are rejected because applicants are not able to prove their link to the country of residence and their ties. For example, explicit connections refer to jobs and assets. You must include copies of lease agreements for the property or contracts that identify you as a permanent employee there; you're detailed employment letter and the time period of your employment, your eligibility with the company when you need to return to your employment. Based on which your application can get the certification for the process.

Inadequate Information
Applicants often provide insufficient information in their application by mistake or lack of prior experience, which results in outright denial of a visa. This is by far the most common and one of the biggest reasons to be kept in mind while filing an application. That an expatriate visa faces rejection. For example, if a migrant applies for an extension of a family visa, you have to provide family ties and transcripts, etc. An applicant provides wrong information due to his/her ignorance or lack of prior experience. But such mistakes can lead to denial of visa on the basis of application form for visa.


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