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Woman And Not Wo-Man!

"She would rather walk alone in darkness than follow anyone else's shadow" - R.G Moon
 Whenever we see a powerful, strong and independent lady, why we do perceive that she will either be a feminist or there may be a man who has supported her in getting the position where she stands today. Why a lady is subjected to so many questions like her choices, decisions, sexual desire, opinion or for any other matter.
 We preach and teach to be non judgmental creation of the world, yet we are the most judgmental creation of the world. And now, we are on the verge of competing as to who is the greater sex, who is more superior-but is this really a question of competition? Why we can't be equals in decision making, love making, in home making? Yes, its a harsh reality but the women folk have also started to feel either inferior or superior fighting this never ending battle of equality for these long many years. Either women are the victims or they are the vamps. There's no in between, no mid path. We have very limited set of examples where woman is considered just as a human being and not as a categorized sex, fighting a pseudo superficial haughty battle.
 Nature has bestowed us with equal qualities, if it has given man, the balls; it has given woman, the boobs; if it has bestowed man with masculinity, it has given women the fruit of patience.
 When it is so balanced in the world of nature, why we are not ready to accept it even after so many years? Men are trying to retain their male hood in an aggressive mode and the women are trying to give competition to them by all means. But this is not something which we should compete about. The women are the legitimate equal part of the Human Eco-system and let it just remain in that way only.
 To the man, you will be man as you have been all through these years and to the women, you be first treated as humans with dignity and then the gender claims of separate distinguished identity can be made. We just cannot sit with the 2% of the population who are strong, free spirited and have voice, keeping aside 98% of the other half who are not even treated as individual humans, let alone be women.


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