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People using internet or internet using People

Now along comes the potential creative destruction brought by a different distribution methodology, the Internet. - Barry Diller

Since, past 10 years the Internet has taken over the world and it's still increasing. Data is the most demanded thing. Also the country needs strong laws for data protection after the threat to Right to Privacy, adoption of technology is must in every sector for growth. The Data Protection Bill was introduced in 2019 after GDPR in Europe and a separate committee will be formed for management. Social media channels are using people and making lives more depressed.

Our human psychology is used against ourselves. You haven't realised that you are now a slave of social media, any negative information spreads 6 times faster than the positive one. Everything is negative on social media right now , the internet can either create or destroy anyone even experts like Elon Musk have said AI is a demon also some experts claim that wrong usage of it can end up as a civil war.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Exercise, meditation, brushing your teeth or taking a bath? If we were living in the early 2000s this would have made sense but in 2020 it doesn't make sense to me either. It's not wrong if I say before sleeping we use our smartphones, when we wake in the middle of our sleep, we use mobile phones and lastly after waking up in the morning the first thing that we do you all very well know.

Since the past 10 years internet has taken the prime place in the lives of every people according to 2019 statistics 3.6 billion people in the world is using internet right now that accounts almost half of the population even if we talk about our very own country India it is the second largest country using internet as per 2019 census it went to boom after 2016 JIO effect that made internet services flow like a water our lives are getting comfortable and lenient day by day technology and AI are resolving all our problems right now one cannot imagine their life without the use of Internet whether its studies, businesses, entertainment, gaming etc cannot possible without the use of it even though the research article that you are reading right now would not have happened without the use of internet.

If you think about past 10-15 years ago how eagerly we wanted this time to arrive where everything is data driven, reduced or no human efforts, machines solving our daily life problems and making humans life more comfortable whether its shopping of groceries, purchasing cloth related stuff, accessories or everything that you can imagine is now on internet so our lives has become what we want it to become so we are supposed to be happy right? But ask yourself, are you really happy with your life right now?

In the comparison with 2010 and 2020 human interaction is reduced to almost half even though the family sitting on a dining table for dinner don't interact with each other every member of the family not only the kids even the parents got busy on their phones, In this era people don't appreciate each other presence and compliments but purchasing likes and followers with money only to impress the people they don't even know.

Read the last sentence again and you will relate with it! And even after impressing ask those people are they themselves are not happy because then arrives a thing called comparison with competitors that make them more depressed because no matter how wealthy, famous, rich, fit, good looking you are there's always someone somewhere virtuous than you and you can never win this race so its better you should stop comparing yourself with other in any of basis because that's only harming your own mental health.

Also nowadays one thing that is very common in businesses and startups that is they spend huge and huge amount on marketing, branding and PR teams, separate teams and agencies for social media marketing are hired but pay less attention and make their content, product and service the second or latter priority but that should be considered as the first one your marketing will only work as long as your product/service/content is engaging and satisfying people all they knew that internet is changing game that's right but only to limited boundation and here's the point where many startups and businesses fail for example if you are opening a restaurant then your prime concern should be on food quality and service/hospitality but instead of that you are spending on marketing obviously your venture will fail.

Data is a new oil
If you deeply observe your surroundings and compare the above quote you yourself agree with this:
Data is the new oil, the new commodity that is helpful and effective in smooth functioning as stated above technology is changing game in the upcoming decade people will run for data even right now you can notice in 2019 elections BJP had purchased data from tech companies like Paytm and Phonepe for winning over the elections and even though all your activities, your political views and beliefs are decided through the internet you are watching what they made you watch and obviously their IT cell will always make you watch good about themselves and deficient about the others and many other examples of data leaking are there, right now if you are using internet or have smartphones in your pockets operating different applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, G-mail into it you are under the surveillance of these big companies and once your data is sold out you'll be in their radar too and even though if you think there is a privacy maintained then I suggest you to rethink about it. After Right to Privacy (9 judge bench has ruled that Indians will enjoy the right to privacy as amended in ARTICLE 21 of the constitution also in December 2019 Data Protection Bill was introduced in parliament house) has come up as a fundamental right then you can only hope that things will get sorted in future.

Data - Oil to run Digital Economy
World is transforming day by day and if you want to evolve then it must move in the direction where the world is going or else your growth will be in halt. A daily small change will lead to a big effect one day from small private mediocre to big companies to government. Everything now is data driven and it's necessary to grow in terms of everything.

Digital Darwinism is the evolution of consumer's behaviour when society and technology evolve faster than your ability to adapt.

According to theory of digital Darwinism it depends upon consumer behaviour, society and technology and its very much appropriate even if you look past 15-20 years back big companies like BSNL, MTNL, Videocon existed that was ruling the market at once but only because these companies were failed to adapt themselves and evolve with time and technology today their existence is almost vanished and also NOKIA happens to be a very good example of this thing.

Nowadays data is treated as the corporate asset that should be secured and used widely, good/accurate data is a need of an hour to move in a right direction and on right path, also industry experts, big business and corporate leaders and even economists have concluded that instead of oil consider data as the most valuable resource in the world.

Even though in the scenario of COVID-19 you can notice that oil was not at all demanded essential commodity the value of oil reserves declined but it's completely a different story when it comes to data, it became the most demanded thing during COVID period, the world information regarding Health, Monetary, Safety disputes, Medical requirements data etc. proved to be the prime need and this graph will tend to increase with increase in technology and science.

Data protection in India
Hey, what happened to my online identity? You must be concerned about it, you should have questions like this in your mind but you don't know whom you should ask this. Whatever you are uploading on the internet is it safe hands or not? Have you ever asked yourself who runs the internet?

In this article all of your questions and queries will be solved, whether it's big companies like Tesla, Tata, Reliance, Jaguar or any other XYZ company everyone now has their internet presence. Their own data was not in safe hands.

Once Mark Zuckerberg Said to senator that:
I need stricter European-style privacy laws also praised GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) the law aims to give users more control and access to their data and also some of the clauses like right to delete and access the data but privacy experts of Europe said in criticism that these laws will only help Zuckerberg's Facebook and is concerned less about protecting individuals.

When Tesla got to know that data on Facebook isn't in right hands, they removed all of their Facebook presence and some other big companies took the same step.

In India if we talk about the Data protection in 2018 a committee was formed under Justice Shrikrishna known as Shri Krishna committee to draft a bill on recommendation of Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Electronics and Information Technology and after taking an year they presented it on 11th December 2019 the bill is being presented by Joint parliamentary committee in consultations with experts and stakeholders.
Let me explain this bill to you all.

PDA (Personal Data Protection Bill/Act) is introduced after the Europe GDPR according to this draft Data means and includes representation of information, facts, concepts, opinions or instructions in a manner suitable for communication, interpretation or processing by human or by automated means (A.I).

Here data is divided into broad categories:
  1. Personal data
  2. Sensitive personal data

Personal Data means data about or relating to a natural person who is directly or indirectly identifiable, having regard to any characteristic, trait, attribute or any other feature of the identity of such natural person, or any combination of such features, or any combination of such features with any other information.

Sensitive personal data means data revealing, related or constituting of:
  1. Password
  2. Financial data
  3. Health related data
  4. Official identifier
  5. Sex life
  6. Sexual orientation
  7. Biometric data
  8. Genetic data
  9. Transgender status
  10. Intersex status
  11. Caste or tribe
  12. Religious political belief or affiliation
  13. Any other category of data specified by the authority under section 22

Basics terms used in the draft
Processing is relation to personal data, means an operation or set of operations performed on personal data and may include operations such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation, alteration, retrieval use, alignment or combination, indexing, disclosure of transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available restriction, erasure or destruction.

Profiling means any form of processing your personal data that analyses or predicts aspects concerning the behaviour, attributes or interest of data principal.

Data fiduciary means any person including the state or the company, any juristic entity or any individual who alone or in conjunction with determines the purpose and means of processing of personal data.

Data processor means any person including the state or the company, any juristic entity, or any individual who processes personal data on behalf of a data fiduciary, but does not include any employee of the data fiduciary.

Law and provisions of the bill
Right to be forgotten

The data principle shall have the right to restrict or prevent continuing disclosure of personal data by a data fiduciary related to the data principle where such disclosure:
  1. Has served the purpose for which it was made or no longer necessary
  2. Was made on the basis of consent under section 12 and such consent has since been withdrawn, or
  3. Was made contrary to the provisions of this act or any other law made by parliament or any state legislature

Extra territorial jurisdiction

This bill contains a separate clause for territorial as well as extra territorial jurisdiction covered under section 2 along the lines of GDPR (General Data protection regulation). Furthermore horizontally applied to both governmental and private sectors.

Companies in US trade groups like Visa, MasterCard and American express have been protesting against the Indian central bank which states payment data should be stored locally within 6 months.

State processing allowed for processing of data for states
Personal data may be processed if such processing is necessary for any function of state and parliament legislature.
Personal data may be processed if such processing is necessary for the exercise of any function of the state authorised by law for:
  1. The provision of any service or benefit to the data principle from the state.
  2. The issuance of any certification, licence or permit for any other action or activity of the data principle by the state.

Data Protection Authority of India

for the inspection of all the other things a separate body known as DPA will be formed that will have meaningful power to monitor the provisions of the Data Protection Bill.

Penalties levied if law is violated
  1. If data fiduciary doesn't follow through compliance requirements, it can be fined up to 5 crore or 2% of its worldwide turnover, whichever is higher.
  2. (a) If it doesn't comply with standards for processing personal or sensitive personal data it can be fined up to 15 crore or 5% of the total worldwide turnover, or whichever is higher.
    (b) Then there are a host of other penalties for more minor violations such as refusing to comply with an individual's request (maximum Rest 5 lakhs).

How is the internet using our Psychology against us?
Do you people remember that 15-20 years ago people used to say that there will be a time when machines will do all of your work and machines will run the world that humans are running right now. You may get shocked after listening to this but that reality is right now, we are living in the same era that was predicted at that time. Reason why we haven't realised that thing yet is because no one made us realize that not even those companies nor our governments. Right now by October 2020 more than half of the world is using the internet right now. If you are reading this article I am very sure that you must have applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on your smartphone.

Just think for a while you are using these apps or these apps using you. These smartphones and applications have a lot to explore and go through which is not even productive and helpful for you even by scrolling unnecessary feed on Instagram and Facebook majority of the people spend their 5-6 crucial hours out of 24 hours a day just to go through the content which even you don't know is genuine accurate and even friendly for your mental health.

Nowadays social media apps are all about running political agendas, spreading different religious, sociological and political ideologies, running businesses (showing us ads that hit our subconscious mind and make us reactive towards such things). According to research only 4% of people are using the internet productively to grow and learn new things to get prepared for the future self.

Even after knowing that you are spending too much time of internet and smartphones still you can't resist yourself from doing this that's why your mobile phone is the first thing you choose even when you are not completely waked in morning, (here may be fault is not yours people made themselves too much dependent on technology that even if you ignore this technology or not upgrade yourself with time you'll be left behind because even your work is mostly or almost done on these platforms.

There is a very thin line between using it appropriately and misusing it. People don't even know the correct difference between both the terms and when they start doing it wrong, to know the correct method to use is necessary.

Social media isn't a tool that's just waiting to be used. It has its own goals and has its own means of pursuing them. -The Social Dilemma (Netflix movie)

I would really advice you all to go and watch the movie Social Dilemma for clear understanding of the things the above statement clearly highlights that your social media accounts are not running according to you, they are running according to these big companies by playing with our psychologies and our subconscious minds, these companies are now the richest/wealthiest companies of mankind.

People are paying to Facebook to get more views and engagements and with the help of suggested feature Facebook is showing you content that you have never even searched and you people still watch them this is not only limited to this but these companies even know about your likes, dislikes, political views, sexual preferences they very well know what to show you so that you keep attached with the app and give your maximum time to it, also you are the target audience of someone who is running business with Facebook/Instagram. Somewhere and somehow people like you uploading things on the internet according to their own beliefs and understanding and most things that are posted on social media is fake/inappropriate and because of people partnering with Facebook you are watching these things against your will.

You are being used against yourself you might find this statement untrue but after a deep understanding of things you'll get to know the reason. Let me give you an example of how smartly Facebook in engaging you even when you have decided to ignore it  When you get a notification on Facebook it comes to your notification bar like Mr X has commented on your picture even though Facebook can easily show you the comment itself in the notification bar but not doing it because they wanted you to open the app and its very sure after reading that comment you may interact with Mr X further and then someone may have uploaded their new story and now you are watching those stories in a queue here watching and reacting to that comment would not have taken more than 30 seconds but you have given more than 15 minutes to it, the layout of Facebook is designed in a way to keep you attached with it and they are very much successful with their business model in every terms. Now think how many times a day you do this thing? And answer who's controlling whom?

How does the use of Social Media/ Internet make you more depressed?
There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users' illegal drugs and software. - Edward Tufte

Past 20 years ago usage of the internet was termed as:
Escape from the real world now after 20 years tables are turned now giving time to each other is known as Escape from the internet. Actually it's good as well as bad whenever something happens it comes with both advantages and disadvantages, with the rise in technology this is was most common and expected thing that this time will come, people will grow, lives will get busier, with more intelligence and knowledge people will become selective in their choices and preferences and even after growing in life they leave things at back well that's the part of journey, with more usage of smartphones, technology and internet it leads to less human interaction everyone is busy counting views, likes and shares on their photos. On these social media you may have 1000's of friends in your circles but in reality just look how lonely you are that's the prime reason for depression and anxiety, also mood swings are getting very common these days.

The prime reason for the depression and anxiety because of social media is the sense of comparison that I have discussed earlier also people compare their lives with their friends or known one's of what they post of social media for instance Your friend Mr Jay is travelling to Paris for vacations make you feel jealous and then you develop a sense of contrast in your mind. Also when a guy with six pack abs posts pictures on the beach with his girlfriend make you people more resentful.

Here you get distressed because both of you are friends and you are doing nothing like that in your social life but don't understand the fact the everyone's life is different and everyone follows their own journey what some of your friends having right now you may have it later or you'll have even more better and in my opinion don't ever believe in what you see on social media because here things are designed in a way to make you ask yourself questions about you and secondly comparing yourself with anyone whether on social media or in real life is worst you can do to affect your mental health.

The solution to deal with the problem of don't compare, make actual friends, read books, play with your pet, spend time with loved ones and interact with new people in real life not on messenger but don't keep any expectations from them that they will like you or feel the same about you.

Also one more common problem with the online world is here people act very differently to impress people but actually very different in real life and also when it comes to looks and behaviour it is not what it's look like you can say social media is a Bluff.

Social media has created jealous behaviour over illusions. Sadly some are envious of things, relationships and lifestyles that don't even exist. These are the lines said by the people who are working in these social media companies. Yet there are many more examples to give with whom you can connect with but I have made my point clear to all of you that How we all are being fooled and used.

Where are we going wrong on the Internet?
While writing this article I am thankful to god that at least I am not the complete belonging of the internet and social media era at least I have played outdoor games and understand the importance and significance of making bonds in reality not virtually.

According to me the worst thing that is happening virtually is spreading of fake news that spreads six times faster than the genuine news and also political parties running their agendas on social media's for winning elections instead of investing amounts on countries they are spending it on marketing and the worst thing that's happening is the spreading of religious biases
Caste for vote here

Vote your caste here
The purpose of elections is to make the reasonable and most genuine candidate win not supporting your caste in the name of elections and now this thing is very common on social networks also mocking each other castes and religious beliefs is taking us towards the destruction or you can say civil war. The 2020 Delhi riots is the clear cut example of using the internet against religion and also people protesting in America is a great example of spreading biases in the name of religion, caste, colour and creed.

The worst thing about internet and mainstream media is that we the people of this world don't even know whether we are moving forward or backward, whether it's a big company, a government organisation, political parties or any xyz individual everyone posts things here according to their own wish and agenda and even the news channels do the same thing. It has become very difficult to judge what's wrong and what's right and it will be considered as the foolish act to blindly follow the things without considering Pro's and Cons of it like people do here, keeping and supporting political ideologies are good things shouldn't be done blindly the ability to understand the difference between right and wrong and taking stand on it is a need of an hour that's missing and even you the one who is reading this article cannot deny this fact.

The Delhi riots started with just the silent protest that has taken place in the Jamie Millia Islamia, even the constitution has given you right to protest and yet it was transformed into riots only because of misuse of internet, the immeasurable amount of bitterness was spread against each other religions and as result you can see 100 crores of property was lost of people during this act.

Even at the time of India and china clash Indian media whether mainstream or social media everyone was busy bashing china but they don't know the fact that world's social media and internet and Indian news channels are banned in china then why everyone is busy in doing this and also in the case of COVID-19 all the fear, panic, hate for different countries, community hatred was spread only because of the inappropriate use of social media platforms.

Even though the data of number of deaths, number of recovered cases we have received from different countries what's the assurance that its true and accurate and what's the reality behind china and its link with Coronavirus and this is not the first time when any virus was spreaded but surely the first virus to be spreaded in the Internet era, Just think how internet and social media has made COVID-19 a sensation and left the world in panic and fear, your every wrong single share, repost, retweet and forwards affects someone's mental health, wealth and their state of mind so badly.

Opinions of Experts in Internet and AI
On asking Elon Musk where it will all end and what new challenges will AI and technology bring? To that question Musk replied:
With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon. You know all the stories where there's the guy with the pentagram and holy water it's like, yeah, he's sure he can control the demon. Didn't work out.

MIT, 2014
Musk also characterized super smart robots as the Deadliest, even more dangerous than the nuclear weapons, even donated $10 Million to Future of Life Institute, an organization whose mission is to make sure that AI should not harm humans. Even though big names like Steve wozniak and Stephen Hawking agreed with the same, Now the readers must imagine their place and circumstances that even the people who known for beyond thinking are scared of AI and technology even though if you have read the whole article you have understood my point that:
 How are lives being controlled by technology and internet how people are becoming slaves of social media channels and even though after knowing all these things We are failed in resisting its use. Elon Musk the Billionaire Futurist also said :
We are likely living in a video game. Are we? The video game is coded by robots with high intellect, I request all the readers to think about this and you cannot deny this fact.

Why we should be scared of the Internet, AI and social media platforms
Internet, AI, Social media and technology is demand of time and future to move ahead in life it's very necessary for everyone but things get wrong when we hear that 14 year old kids getting depressed over few likes, teens mocking each other on internet, boys giving rape threats to girls for the short wears but all these destructions are limited to extent. Things where we should worry is that people haven't designed this technology even the technology is designing themselves day by day! You must be thinking that:
I am wrong but in an interview, Software developers, Coders, Data scientists and even the head of IT departments who are working in these big companies like Facebook, Google have themselves claimed this fact that is these offices there are huge rooms where super computers and servers are being placed and they are controlling, managing, upgrading and evolving themselves. Coders and designers have done their job but the fact is they don't know how all these servers are working even they don't know how these codes are developing themselves even though the features you must be enjoying right now are not developed by humans and are designed by machines themselves.

Tristan Harris an American computer scientist, the founder of Centre of Humane Technology worked as a Design Ethicist at Google also appeared in the Social Dilemma documentary said:
The Platform that connects us also controls us and as per my opinion he is right. Also nowadays social media is all about negativity favouring only one's opinion and views, also no one knows the agendas, aims and goals of those machines and servers who are right now controlling us and as per the predictions made by experts, philosophers and ideologists that it will end up as a civil war and mass level of destruction and it has started last year by the end of 2019 when fights, disputes and panic have started everywhere in the world.

If you have read the above article I don't think there is anything left that I haven't explained and anything that is not cleared to you. Still if you are reading this your article you yourself witnessed all the destructions and wrongs that has happened because of Internet, Technology and Artificial Intelligence, all the technologies and inventions are done to reduce human efforts to bring comforts to people or solve the problems that people are facing, if you are successful is solving the problems then you are in the game or maybe you have won the game.

Think for making profit, for becoming fortunate is it a worthy action to play with human psychologies and keep people attached to your business venture to give maximum time to your platform. Well I agree all the businesses are directly or indirectly related with psychologies, needs, wishes and pain points, I am not wrong if if say that we ourselves click to the ad on  How to be a millionaire in 30 days even they played with their mind to get attention and maximum views on their landing page though we are talking about the wealthiest companies of mankind. Even if you are a person of a sound mind and have common sense you yourself know that it is impossible to become a billionaire in 30 days but still clicked with curiosity that is anything that we don't know.

This is something that these big companies are doing over the years that general people never knew about, we have become adaptive to it and I assure you even after reading this article many people will fail in reducing the use of smartphones and so called social media channels because now it's your habit. But the thing which one can do is to use Social media, Internet and AI for good purposes, use it for educating yourself or someone and don't spread any kind of negativity and most specially any type of propagandas whether political, religious, cultural or economic should get completely banned even if you are posting some content try to be neutral in your terms and don't follow unnecessary pages and accounts be in the touch of your known one's only and stay away from the irrelevant and catchy content because its designed in a way to keep your attracted with it and use your phone only during the free time, don't separately take out your time to use it and also avoid it in between doing work. If you are not growing in terms of knowledge, money and skills you are using everything wrong, the way it shouldn't be used. In my closing statement I would like to say that everything is clear in front of you and now the decision is up to you whether you want to grow with its use or want to get destroyed with others.

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