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Consulting International Lawyers In India For Property Encroachment

The abandoned homes and lands in this country become susceptible to encroachment. Usually, the people of this country residing abroad buy lands or homes for investment and leave them unattended which then becomes the soft target for people to encroach easily. The homes belonging to the older people are more vulnerable to such issues when there is no primary support. Evicting those people legally who occupy the premises of NRIs can become a real hassle when the issue is left unattended. Encroachment and trespassing are two of the commonest issues the non-resident people in this country face today. If required, you may have to consult the services of the international lawyers in India so they can send people for periodic visits to the property or put up boards to avoid illegal occupation of the premises.

Illegal occupation of your premises

There are ways in which illegal occupation can be a threat to your premises when you live abroad. The first occasion may arise when the illegal occupants of your premises prepare forged documents and threaten you saying that you are not the legal owner of the property. As a matter of fact, these people are generally identified as unlawful with connections they use to force the legal occupants to pay a cost for the redemption of the property. The second occasion is when the unlawful people try to force you to sell the property at a distressed rate. Often the local revenue authorities facilitate these acts. Apart from this, property disputes may also take place when the tenants occupy your property forcefully and stay beyond the tenure. Adequate help from NRI legal services India offer the best advice to Indian residents living abroad for dealing with these issues.

Protection from encroachment and trespassing

As a legal owner of a premise, you must carry all the written proof and the essential documents that prove your ownership. Right from the records of revenue, to the title deeds, the copies of the electricity and the water bills, and the mutation must stay handy when it comes to handling NRI land disputes that turn complicated. You can issue a notice in the major newspapers stating about the ownership rights of the property and obtain the certified copies of all the records from the revenue offices and the registering authority.

Missing documents and neighbors

If any of the original copies of the documents go missing due to identified or unidentified reasons, you must immediately lodge a police complaint. You must ensure that all the ongoing liabilities are fully paid such as the property tax or municipality tax. Finally, you can stay in touch with the neighbors if you have a property in this country and tell them to inform you about the illegal encroachments so that you can hire NRI lawyers in India to resolve the disputes. If the encroachers are aware that you are in touch with the neighbors and relatives, your property does not become a soft target easily.

Things to know about tenancy

To avoid NRI property disputes related to the tenants, you must have properly-framed agreements to protect your interests. Whether you have appointed the tenant yourself or through a relative, make sure you know the tenant and have a copy of the agreement. It is also essential to get the tenant registered with the local police station to prevent disputes arising later. Renewing the lease agreements with fresh terms is necessary after the expiry of the contract. Proper due diligence of the tenant is necessary prior to finalize the deal as there is no concept of following the credit rating of the tenant in this country. Checking the entry of the rental amount in your bank every month can also help you to avoid the legal issues.


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