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Get CENOMAR from PSA Rather Than NSO

Is marriage inside your head?

You can solemnize it anywhere. But, think about your status first. Yes, it’s compulsory if you’re settled in Philippine. You should have a legalized document of your bachelorhood, if you’re unmarried.

Are you a divorcee? It’s ok. You, also, can re-think about matrimony there. Your status would be considered a bachelor. The civic authority of that country doesn’t believe in your verbal message. Rather, you should have a licit proof of your single status. It’s called CENOMAR or the Certificate of No Marriage.

Indian government doesn’t require such document for marriage here. That big day is registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 (if the person is Hindu) while people of other religions can get married under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.The latter Act includes all foreigners.

Wondering how can you get it?

It’s a common problem that almost every NRI has to combat with there. You, obviously, won’t have knowledge of its rules and regulations for expats. Gradually, you would know about those laws.  

If you want to settle there permanently, you should know about the CENOMAR. You can catch the rich brief from scratch over how you can get it in this article.

NSO Transforms into PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority):

Marriage is registered under the civic rules. Therefore, you should access the civic authority of Philippine. It is called the Philippine Statistics Authority or PSA. Formerly, it was called NSO or National Statistics Office. You can witness this fact through the mention of NSO in various search results.  

You can place an online request for the unmarried certificate there. Apart from it, you can register for your marriage certificate and a death certificate.

Civic registry of CENOMAR Is Effective Online: 

Like its name, this authority has revised its fee structure. The renewed fee has been effective from February 1, 2018. This revision is in accordance with the Section 12 of BIR Revenue Regulation No. 4-2018. It reads (as on

Rules and Regulations Implementing the Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) Rate Adjustment under Republic Act No. 10963, otherwise known as the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law.


How much money do you pay?

For certificate of no marriage record, you have to pay Php 465.00 per copy.

Besides, if you have been settled there for an uncertain period, you can apply for the birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificate online. The website will be similar. Just charges would vary. You have to pay 365.00 Php per aforementioned document.

All these documents are deemed the certificates of PSA.

How many days will it take to deliver your document?

The delivery date of the certificate squarely depends on your location. It might take 2 to 7 days for the verification of your certificates. Its service is fast. And, you don’t need to make the rounds of its office since every service is online here.

How can you get CENOMAR online?

As I told you that every service is accessible online here. This certificate is just two clicks away. You can follow these steps to place your online request:

  • Visit its official website-
  • Click on Order Now thumbnail.
  • It would prompt you to a new web page where you can order for the Certificate of Singleness CENOMAR Click its icon.
  • The next page will ask for the reason of why you need it. Out of marriage, passport/travel, employment abroad, local employment, school requirements, claim/ benefits/loans, US embassy re-verification, Australian embassy, Consulate General of Spain & others, select the valid reason.
  • Thereafter, an application form will appear. Provide all details pertaining to the applicant.
  • The next page will ask to fill the first name, middle initial and last name of the applicant.
  • Then, provide your delivery address and contact info. Apart from this, you have to mention the name of the attendant of its delivery.
  • Take a cursory look over its summary.
  • Tick the checkbox and hit the Continue tab.
  • Afterwards, you’ll get its reference number.
  • Input it for paying its fee online.
  • Select your banking channel and pay.
  • You can check its status while clicking on the third icon. You need to feed in your registration number in the field to go through its status.

Approximately, it takes 2 to 7 days for its complete verification & processing.

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