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Constitution - A Liberal Democracy

It is correct that the Constitution of India is not the constitution of dreams of Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. The truth is that the constitution could not be made as Ambedkar wanted to make for an independent India. It is not exactly like that.

As much as possible in the then structure, thinking, ideas and political environment of the then Constituent Assembly, he met his colleagues and presented the draft of the Constitution. As per the rules, this format was prepared in the light of proposals and suggestions submitted and accepted at different times.

The truth is that Dr. Ambedkar envisaged a more consistent, clean and inclusive constitution.

A brief glimpse of this is found in the memorandum of the All India Scheduled Castes Confederation, which he had prepared after a long time. It is also compiled in clause 2 of his entire volume titled Constitution of the United States of India.

Dr. Ambedkar has also highlighted his conception of the Constitution in many other articles and addresses.

Despite this, he believed that in the light of this constitution, if the peoples operating the govt will work for the rights of the society and the country, India can be made a better society. Social democracy can be achieved with political democracy.

For Ambedkar, social democracy meant: the path of social life that accepts freedom, equality and fraternity as the principles of life. He believed that freedom, equality and fraternity cannot be seen as separate from each other in a real democracy. Think, where do we stand today after seventy years of getting the constitution?

In his historic address to the Constituent Assembly on 25 November 1949, Dr. Ambedkar highlighted big challenges of India's future society and democracy.
His address is the greatest speech in the political history of modern India. Dr. Ambedkar's historical address shows us the way to come out of the deep crisis and ideological darkness that the Indian nation-state looks today.

In totality, it is the same path, which was the dream of martyr Bhagat Singh: to bring 'equality of political life' into 'social and economic life'.
But how many peoples are there to follow that way today?

The truth is that today we have reached this dreadful turn only because of not following that path after independence. Due to the mistakes of years, this scene has come before us.

At this time, it is difficult to go to the right and consistent path but not impossible. Fair politics and great politicians make the difficult scenario easy and consistent. It requires a lot of honesty, understanding, endurance and courage. Constitution Day provide us an opportunity to think seriously on such challenges.

There is a preamble of the constitution which is called the soul of the constitution. If a conflict arises on any immediate issue from any article, a solution is taken in view of this soul.

Read this:
  1. Look at each word and think what they mean to you?
  2. One-third of this country's population is starving, what does freedom mean to them?
  3. What is the value of fundamental rights? What does Freedom of Speech mean for people living in economic slavery?

Without financial freedom, every kind of available freedom is meaningless.
Hungry can never spark the bugle of revolution against injustice and tyranny. A hungry human cannot raise the flag of revolt.

Look at the atrocities on the farmers right now and read the soul of the Constitution written in Photo-1. Declaring an emergency is a more dangerous conspiracy to strangulate democracy than crushing public rights.

We need to think and try to do something better for the country and society.

Written By: Sahil Chaudhary, Advocate - Supreme Court of India

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