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The word drone not common buzz word uses of everyone. many recall that word related with for military purpose . Yes it is not any more usage of drones for commercial purposes

After the recent relaxation of license by the government of India .Civilian use of drone goes beyond military purposes to agriculture, damageassessment ofproperty and life in areas affected with natural calamities, surveys (infrastructuremonitoring including powerline facilities, ports, and pipelines; commercial photography;
aerial mapping), etc.

When the amazon CEO Jeff bezos explained his idea to use drones to Amazon customers in 20131Many raised eyebrows and questioned it is possible, 5 years later it become a new age industry.
They are also increasingly proliferating into recreational field and Are likely to be used in many other domains. This article is to analyse the potential of income to earn and pros and cons for the new age sector

OverRegulationwill reduce the sector from achieving its full earning potential. Regulators cuts red tape on drones is a welcome sign for the industry. Research Students, photographers and other professional to use drone without any license hassle. Below are the lists of drone categories which are exempted from the License.

RPA in Nano category intended to fly upto 50 feet (15 m) AGL in uncontrolled Airspace/ enclosed premises for commercial / recreational / R&D purposes are Exempted from obtaining UIN.

RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft ) owned / operated by NTRO(National Technical Research Organization), ARC (Aviation Research Centre ) and Central Intelligence Agencies are also exempted from obtaining UIN.
Civil RPA operators other than those mentioned in Para 7.2 shall require UAOP from DGCA.

Following entities will not require UAOP:
a) Nano RPA operating below 50 feet (15 m) AGL in uncontrolled airspace / enclosed premises.

b) Micro RPA operating below 200 feet (60 m) AGL in uncontrolled airspace / enclosed premises. However, the user shall intimate to local police office 24 hours prior to conduct of actual operations.

c) RPA owned and operated by the agencies as indicated in Para 6.5 of this CAR.
However, the agency shall intimate local police office and concerned ATS Units prior to conduct of actual operations.

Another surprise news rate of fee is reasonable for obtaining UIN is ₹1000 for each drone, but for for issue/ renewal of unmanned aircraft operator
permit (uaop) Fees for issue of Permit is ₹25,000/-
2. Fees for renewal of Permit is ₹10,000/-

Approval department.
a) ETA from WPC Wing, Department of Telecommunication for RPA operating in de-licensed frequency band(s), as applicable.
b) Security Clearance from MHA(Ministry of Home Affairs) in case of 6.1 (a) citizen of India, (c) By a company or a body corporate provided that:
i) it is registered and has its principal place of business within India;
ii) its chairman and at least two-thirds of its directors are citizens of India; and,
iii) its substantial ownership and effective control is vested in Indian
nationals & Indian company or corporate leasing RPAS from a company or corporate registered elsewhere than in India under 6.1, (d) not earlier than five years from date of application for UIN.

However, individuals as indicated in Para 6.1 (a) shall either obtain security clearance from MHA or submit self-attested copies of at least two out of three valid identity proofs viz. Passport, Driving License or Aadhar Card.

In case of foreign remote pilots employed by Indian entity as per para 6.1 (b)( By the Central Government or any State Government or any company or
corporation owned or controlled by either of the said Governments) or (c), and (d), DGCA shall forward documents for Security clearance to security agencies in accordance with the procedure being followed for Foreign Aircrew Temporary Authorization (FATA) pilots.

The application form for security clearance is given at Annexure II/III of this CAR.
As per para 6.3 The applicant shall submit duly filled application (through Digital Sky Platform), as per Annexure IV of this CAR, along with requisite documents indicated in Para

6.2and applicable fee to DGCA. The UIN shall be issued in 02 working days, as per the format given at Annexure-V, provided all the documents are complete.

6.4 RPA in Nano category intended to fly upto 50 feet (15 m) AGL in uncontrolled airspace/ enclosed premises for commercial / recreational / R&D purposes are exempted from obtaining UIN.

6.5 RPAs owned / operated by NTRO, ARC and Central Intelligence Agencies are also exempted from obtaining UIN.

6.6 In case of entity specified under Para 6.1 (d) of this CAR, the Indian organization, who has taken RPAS on lease, shall obtain the UIN.

The potential of revenue flow is more to India after the relaxation of licensing and use of drone to bring more revenue to government coffers.
The U.S. commercial drone sector is expected to generate $2.3 billion in investments next year. By 2025, its economic impactis set to almost double, forecast to surpass $5 billion 2
Goldman Sachs Research estimates a $100 billion global market opportunity for drone companies by 20202

Safety, Liability and Insurance Issues
Drones can be a lethal weapon or weapon of destruction if not property regulated , recent example
PresidentNicolás Maduro ofVenezuelasurvive failed droneassassinationattempt
Drone operators can potentially be held liable for personal injuries and property damage as a result of flying their drone.

Under the tort theory of negligence, a drone operator could be held liable for losing control of their drone and allowing it to crash into a person or damage property.

Generally, in order to prevail in a drone accident lawsuit, the plaintiff must establish that the drone operator failed to exercise “reasonable care” while operating the drone.

In addition, the plaintiff will need to establish causation between the drone operator’s negligent acts and the claimed injuries. Consider hypothetical where drone is launched with low battery power which results in crash into passerby who sustains bodily harm. Successful recovery in drone personal injury litigation could include recovery for economic and non-economic losses.

Insurance can cover numerous issues including, “loss or damage to the UAV and associated equipment, coverage for aircraft operators, including other non-pilot, on-ground crew, manufacturer product liability, third party legal liability, premises liability, aviation and premises medical payments, fire legal liability, independent contractors liability, personal injury, advertising liability, contractual liability, fellow employee coverage, war, hi-jacking and terrorism, damage to premises, property & office studio contents”4

In general, drone insurance consists of two separate types of coverage, (a) liability (a) liability and physical damage (or “hull”) provided for the owner/operator of the drone, and (b) products liability coverage for drone manufacturers and related UAV service providers.

The Drones should use for dangerous work like removing land mines, to deliver medicine essential item in flood, cyclone affected areas . The policy and regulation to move on with latest technological changes that should not be disruptive to any innovation. Although at the moment the cost of drones is still too high. This useful gadget will be part of our daily life for sure because of the high benefits.

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