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Consumer Protection E-Commerce Rules 2020

Brief of the Consumer Protection E-Commerce Rules, 2020:

Important Highlights
  1. The Consumer Protection E-Commerce Rules, 2020 shall apply to all merchandise and enterprises purchased or sold over computerized or electronic system including advanced items, all models of web-based business, including commercial centre and stock models of web-based business; all web-based business retail, including multi-channel single-brand retailers and single-brand retailers in single or different organizations; and all types of out of line exchange, rehearses overall models of web-based business.
  2. In any case, these principles will not make a difference to any action of a characteristic individual completed in an individual limit not being a piece of any expert or business action embraced on an ordinary or orderly premise.
  3. An online business element has been characterized to mean any individual who possesses, works or oversees advanced or electronic office or a stage for electronic trade, however, exclude a dealer offering his products or administrations available to be purchased on a commercial centre web-based business element which implies a web-based business element which gives a data innovation stage on a computerized or electronic system to encourage exchanges among purchasers and venders (for example Amazon and so forth.)
  4. "Inventory E-Commerce Entity" signifies an e-commerce business element which claims the stock of products or administrations and sells such merchandise or administrations straightforwardly to the shoppers and incorporates single-brand retailers and multi-channel single-brand retailers.
  5. The Rules accommodate the obligations of the vender and different online business elements. For instance, each e-commerce entity will give the lawful name of the web-based business substance, head geographic location of its home office and all branches, name and subtleties of its site; and contact information like email address, fax, landline and mobile number of customer care just as of complaint official.
  6. To guarantee exception, each commercial centre of e-commerce shall require merchants through an endeavour to guarantee that portrayals, pictures, and other substance relating to products or administrations on their foundation is exact and compares straightforwardly with the appearance, nature, quality, reason and other general highlights of such goods or service.
  7. Each commercial centre of e-commerce shall include details of the merchants offering merchandise and enterprises, including the name of their business, regardless of whether enrolled or not, their geographic address, customer care number, any feedback or ratings about the seller/vendor, and some other essential information about the seller so that buyers can be ensured about this at the pre-purchase stage.
  8. As the matter of concern about posting fake reviews, this rule ensures that no seller shall falsely represent himself as the consumer and posts fake reviews about the goods or merchandise or distort the quality of any goods or services.
  9. It has likewise been given in the rule that venders on e-commercial centre will not decline to take back the goods, or pull back or stop the services that are bought or consented to be bought or refuse to refund the amount if such goods or services are not of the same features or its characteristics does not match as advertised or on which the consumer consented to buy, or if the goods or services are delivered late from the scheduled delivery.
  10. The Provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 (35 of 2019) shall apply for any infringement of the Consumer Protection E-Commerce Rules, 2020.

Written By: Priya Singh, The ICFAI University

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