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Covid-19: An Unforeseen Pandemic And A Shock To Humanity

The rapidly spreading pathogen and the subsequent lockdown has disturbed the functioning and adversely impacted various industries like tourism, aviation, entertainment, food and hospitality etc.

As the virus continues its grim march across the planet shattering the human soul, several segments of the society have been placed under severe hardship. The spread of the novel coronavirus together with the mandatory lockdown has frozen the businesses across the globe along with curtailing employment opportunities coupled with triggering poverty and a worldwide recession.

As economies continue to dwindle under the strain of the pandemic, efforts are being made to mitigate the deadly virus and flatten the curve.The disaster which has unfolded has ravaged economies all over the world and as financial distress stems from the transmission of the virus followed by the imposed lockdowns, several countries are attemptingto steer their way through the stagnated economies to re-emerge from the crisis with the goal to rebound economic activity and employment.

Since coronavirus has had a disparaging impact, measures are being adopted by various governments and reliefs have also been granted to oil the wheels of the economies.However, due to the gradual easing of lockdowns, the industries gasping for breath are now limping back to life.

Although steps are being taken to keep the virus at bay but if the contagion spreads at an alarming rate, it may not be that easily tamed. It can be perceived that this menace can be pacified with resilience, hope and grit and in these testing times citizens cannot afford to lower their guard until they have been vaccinated.

Social distancing, however abhorrent it may feel but today the current situation demands avoiding large congregations/ gatherings in order to tackle the most intimidating global calamity that is gripping the world. The only remedy to dilute the virus and to avert any further annihilation of lives is to discourage any form of physical contact.

This battle against the evil of Covid -19 can be combated by all the citizens harmoniously only with an attitude of positivity as well as high spirit of everyone along with remaining aware and updated about the day to day happenings and at the same time creatingawareness in their surroundings accompanied by taking initiatives and efforts voluntarily for diminishing the devastating consequences of this mishap.

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