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What Do You Need to Know About Domestic Violence in Canada?

Domestic violence can occur to anybody at any stage of life. It is not only physical abuse that comes under domestic violence but verbal, spiritual, financial, and emotional abuse as well. Domestic violence in any form is not okay, and you must not stay silent to save the relationship.

Instead, it would help if you went for some legal help or consultation of assault lawyers or legal experts. Often people are not aware that they are being abused. That�s why we decided to start by defining what is domestic violence. We will be explaining to you are different forms of domestic assault violence. And, if you reside in Canada, what measures you can take for your self-defense.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence involves abusers who may use fear, force, or threats on his victim. It happens mostly between spouses, parents, or children. The use of fears, force, or threats acts as a tool to control the victim�s behavior.

This violence can include hitting the other person, slamming doors, calling out names, and humiliating in any way. Domestic violence brings about severe mental and health issues on both the victim and the abuser. Therefore, timely responding to such a situation is necessary.

Canada has three family violence categories:
  • Child maltreatment: involves any form of abuse to a child of 18 years or younger
  • Intimate partner abuse: involves any type of domestic abuse by a current, past or future partner
  • Elder abuse: refers to any domestic abuse against a person of 65 years age or elder
All these categories come under domestic violence. Act of any such a category calls for immediate legal action against the abuser.

The Rate of Domestic Violence In Women Is Higher

Mostly, women have reported severe cases as compared to men. Domestic violence can include men and women of all classes, children, teens, adults. Women in Canada are more prone to gender-based violence as compared to men.

Canadians spend around $7.4 billion on dealing with the aftermath of domestic violence. About 67% of Canadians say they have met the victim of domestic violence at least once in their lifetime. Women are six times more likely to be the victim of domestic violence as compared to men.

Domestic violence on children is also a common thing in Canada. Every year, about 362,000 children are exposed to domestic violence in Canada, which can badly affect a child�s brain development capability and childhood experiences. It can also turn them into victims or abusers when they grow up.

We can see that COVID-19 has affected people mentally all around the world. A Sudden increase in domestic violence and abuse is reported just after a few months of the pandemic. There is a direct link between isolation and domestic violence. In Canada, women are more likely to get beaten up or killed by their own intimate partners than strangers.

What Should You Do If You Are the Victim?

There�s no wisdom in remaining quiet. This means that you are promoting domestic violence. The right step to deal with this situation is to get help from a friend or a relative. In worst-case scenarios, you can also take some legal help as well. Several legal and criminal law service providers are there to help you, such as Slaferek Callihoo.

Knowing your legal rights is very important. You can use them to save yourself from the abuser. You can save contact numbers of people whom you can trust. Also, it would help if you kept a certain amount of money aside for yourself. For that, you can open a savings account and keep a credit card.

What to Do If You Know Someone Who Is A Victim?

Try to observe another person and check whether or not he is a victim. Often people blame others for their own problems. If you find someone who is a victim of domestic violence, listen to them. Try to be a caring friend for them and let them know the legal possibilities that they can take.

Support in such situations is necessary. In Canada, you can find a list of domestic violence support groups. They can help you in such circumstances and direct you through province-wide support services.


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