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Activities that can Constitute Cybercrime in UAE

The statement having a dual personality somehow seems more relevant to the evolution of technology. It isn't easy to differentiate between the real and virtual life of an individual nowadays, thus, leading to activities of cybercrime. Web associated resources, which we utilize and work every day, is duplicating quickly.

These gadgets are sufficiently unusual to control our homes, vehicles, and deal with our own and proficient lives considerably more effectively. No matter how comfortable experience is with technology, it is equally a threat bearing in mind ever-increasing cybercrime cases. UAE has lately amended the cybercrime law and has covered several new activities, which can be considered as cybercrime under the law, as described by Best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai.

The New Cyber Crime Law, most quite, makes extra classes of offenses tending to the expansion in the occurrence of digital wrongdoing in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”). The New Cyber Crime Law, which rescinds the Old Cyber Crime Law or the Federal Law Number 2 of 2006, carries 51 Articles with it that involve practically all the violations in the Penal Code and other UAE laws; whenever done over the web that harms the image of an individual or the standards of the State, that is each Emirate of the UAE, the individual will be intensely fined as well as detained.

The following are several crimes under the new Cybercrime Law:
  • Forgery and Money Laundering
  • Access to restricted websites
  • Sharing inappropriate content
  • Using fake network address
  • Cyber defamation
  • Hampering the access to allowed websites
  • Illicit utilization of restricted software
  • Spreading terrorism through an internet device
  • Obtaining any limited medical document
  • Organizing unauthorized online events
  • Spreading online threats
  • Sharing inappropriate content
  • Accessing illegal virtual provided network
  • Having a false web address
  • Forging digital signature
  • Disclosure of related medical data obtained online
  • Retrieving anyone's card details through an online system
  • Hacking or spamming any electronic means of communication
  • Online gambling
  • Selling products which are against the morals of UAE
  • Disrespecting the religion of the country
  • Buying and selling of war weapons through online portal
  • Arranging protest through online portal
  • Trading of antique goods without a due license
  • Human trafficking
  • Sedition or causing harm to State
  • Selling drugs or other narcotic substances through a web portal

These aforementioned crimes or activities, which constitute a crime, can be handful to remember, however, it is always advisable to get acquainted with such activities that can prevent you to land in prison, particularly if these cybercrime cases are a portion of the things that a few of us are kind of liable of doing frequently in the UAE. The data with respect to these web wrongdoings is for the general consciousness of everybody since obliviousness of the law pardons nobody.

Since this is one of the significant things to know about, There are numerous law offices in Dubai havg best criminal lawyers is constantly accessible when you have questions in regards to UAE's Cybercrime Law and whatever other worries that you have in regards to any law.

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