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What Are The Grounds For Approaching RERA?

In the last few years, there has been an improvement in the Consumer Redressal process.

You must be astonished that why I am saying this?
Well, I am saying this because earlier, Consumers have only 1 recourse, whenever they want to complain against the Builders, then they used to go to the Consumer Court.
But now the dilemma has been changed!

RERA: A New Legislation:

As you must be aware that new legislation has been passed which is called Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA) in 2016.
Now, these Home Buyers had many options.

Why this new Act?
One question might have stuck into your mind till now!
That why this new Act!
Well, this new Act has been passed because of a large number of Pending cases before the court and National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

Why RERA is a better option?

Now many people are confused about whether they should go and approach a Consumer Forum or RERA?
So, I would prefer them to approach RERA. Because it a Special Act, enacted for some special purpose. RERA is being set up to protect the interest of these Homebuyers.

RERA: A better Option:

The best part of RERA is that:

  • In this cases are dealt in a much faster way.Cases are resolved much better in RERA.
  • As in RERA, Plaintiff need not have to engage Lawyers. This saves costs and time as well. It is time and cost-effective. And hence it is a more straightforward solution.
  • The advent of RERA is proved to be the best option. Because now the affected party can easily approach their Real Estate Regulation Authority.
  • RERA is a good mechanism which an aggrieved party can use to deal with their disputes with the Builder.

Aims of this Act are:

  • To save the Home Buyers from the Unscrupulous Builders.
  • To regulate the Real Estate Sector of India.
  • This Act imposes penalties on Errant builders.

Procedure of Complaint:

So, here we will be dealing with the Procedure.
A complaint under RERA has to be in a prescribed form which is under respective state rule.

Grounds for filing a complaint under RERA:

  1. Delay of Possession:
    If a Buyer is delaying the delivery of the possession of proper, then the Buyer can use this ground for filing a complaint under RERA.
  2. False Advertisement:
    If a False and wrong Advertisement or a notice is filed or presented by the Promoter and due to which the Allotter hasdeposited any amount. A RERA complaint can be found.
  3. Advance Payment:
    If any buyer demands an extra advanced payment than prescribed then the buyer can file a complaint under RERA.
  4. Improper Registration of a Project:
    If there is any improper registration of a project, then the buyer can file a complaint under RERA.

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